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When will our politicians finally start talking about the daily lives of good people?

Marianne bleeds in ink. On its pages, the weekly publishes a disturbing article: Will we see the Eiffel Tower fall after watching Notre-Dame burn? The journalist Laurent Valdiguié has been given several confidential reports that report significant flaws in the stability of the monument since 2010. A specialist engineer, questioned under the seal of secrecy, confides in his concern, saying he is “distraught” by the technical choices made. A manager of the site jokes: “If Gustave Eiffel were to visit the place, he would have passed out. The rust is gaining ground and gradually eating away at the scrap. Symbolic affair if there is one, symbolic, right, of the air that flows in France A kind of general dislocation, of great degradation, of silent defeat.

The reasons for outrage follow each other over the weeks. In Nièvre, the last maternity hospital in the department closes its doors. At the University Hospital of Bordeaux, volunteers are called in to support an emergency room in an out of control situation† At the Stade de France, an armada of thugs sows terror during a Champions League final. Humiliation to which is added the long list of jerky lies of an interior minister who forgets his office.

On the radio, a disabled woman bursts into tears and confides in the Prime Minister of her displeasure at the deconjugalization of disability benefits. If she marries, the unfortunate woman loses half of her allowances. Only response from Matignon’s tenant: “ I hear your concern Dolores. ” Thank you very much.

In The crossthe astonished reader learns that French orphanages are in ruins and that two departments have chosen to entrust temporary workers (simply holders of a Bafa!) with responsibility for the Nation’s departments. Not better in nurseries, where childcare capacities melt like snow in the sun. Then you don’t have to talk to us about women’s work.

France, so proud of its years of exemplary childcare and kindergarten, bows its head† During this period, the academy of Versailles recruits its teachers haphazardlythrough two quickly dispatched interviews, with the false air of speed dating… As if this could all be improvised.

The School of Obstacles

Our Minister of National Education, Pap N’Diaye, almost silent since his appointment, nevertheless raises his children at the École alsacienne, a very chic private institution in the center of Paris. “The School of the Republic”, so formidable in speeches, is left to the poorest† The social lift is out of order and the service staircase is closed.

The students’ results drift to the disturbing. The painful succession of investigations proves it several times. On social networks, students complain about the use of the word “playful” in a baccalaureate subject. They don’t know the meaning.

Sylvie Germain, a sympathetic author, is outright insulted by hordes of ignorant students who make fun of her text, proposed for the general dissertation. Photomontages, insults about his body, threats of rape, death… Sylvie Germain expresses her disgust on the pages of Figaro : “It is serious that pupils arriving at the end of their school days can show so much immaturity, and hatred of language, of the effort of reflection as well as of imagination, and also so little curiosity, unbiased. »

The blinking revolution

And then there is the economy. Before the elections, to listen Bruno the mayorFrance was on the way to another Thirty Glorious Years. Full employment was within reach. Investments rose to its peak. France was the president of Europe and led its partners towards a positive future.

And for a few days here is the stampede. Bruno Le Maire panics at the microphone of RMC: “ We have reached the public finance red flag Astonished, Apolline de Malherbe tries to understand: “You are actually telling us that the boxes are empty. A second hesitation. Bruno Le Maire seems to be looking at his shoes. Finally, almost stammering, he answers very faintly: “No…” Everyone understood.

Faced with inflation, the French above all understand that they will have to handle† Bercy stops responding. And now in our countryside it is not uncommon to encounter French people who cannot afford meat and sometimes even vegetables. However, it is not due to a lack of often hard work. And there is gasoline, the very high prices of which cripple the country’s stamina.

This cursed real knock on the door…

When will our politicians finally start talking about the daily lives of good people? High time to switch to practical work. Emmanuel Macron, elected in May, waited two months for a majority that never came. Here he is now dealing with the disparate concert of oppositions.

The National Assembly threw itself into incredible battles this week. What of the presidency, of the vice-presidencies, of the questure, also of the bar? All these beautiful people settle in and seem to be in no rush. Naive vagabondage. The French are invited to wait while these ladies and gentlemen finish cooking “their little soups around their little fires”. The party system has been revived.

Lost battles can be summed up in two words: too late. And it is certainly not too late. Pride is a virtue for initiating succession, and even, so to speak, leapfrog. Combat optimism, of course, remains in place. Nothing is impossible for brave people.

Hope is a risk to run », Bernanos.

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