École des Roquettes: Cherbourg-en-Cotentin City Council maintains its position

Just like during the city council of April last year, families mobilized on June 30, 2022 in front of the town hall of Cherbourg-Octeville (Manche).

Families of school-age children rocket school had called for a mobilization during the afternoon of this Thursday 30 June 2022before, there town hall of Cherbourg-Octeville (Manche), upstream from the city council.

First citizen petition

Their citizen petition that has received 840 signatures on the website of the city of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, their representative Kiliane Ledanois could speak before the city council.

“The press announcement was incredibly violent. […]† It is a school that perfectly meets the criteria of the school of tomorrow, located in a green environment. †

Kiliane LedanoisRepresentative of the parents

According to her, some children will be “taken apart because not all of them go to Bayet”, the school which is very close to Les Roquettes. “We can play with words, but the end is the same: it is indeed a school closure for leisure center “, estimated Kiliane Ledanois, surprised that the closure would be brought forward to 2023and not in the mandate of 2027-2032, as was written in the deliberation voted last November.

Benoit Arrived insisted, meanwhile, that it is not about a closure, but about the transformation to a shelter for early childhood and childhood† He also stressed that “the mayor is responsible for all children and must have a vision of the child’s time as a whole”, recalling that the public schools master plan is beyond ambitiousto the amount of 125 million euros in renovations and furnishing over three mandates

Transformation to care and transfer of children 250 meters away

The mayor and his deputy for education, Dominique Hébert, pointed out that the 80 to 90 children of Les Roquettes will only be moved from … 250 to 300 meters, at Bayet School

“It’s the same neighborhood. And even if the 80 go there, we’ll have fewer children in Bayet than we did 15 years ago.”

Benoit ArrivedMayor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

In particular, Dominique Hébert recalled that the two Roquettes and Bayet schools have lost many students and that grouping is therefore relevantin defense of taxpayers’ money.

In the preamble, Karine Hébert (Cercle du Cotentin) had stated about this:

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“Let’s not forget the human factor in our projects. Are the children too good at their work environment? Yes, the Roquettes school is loved by its users. I would like us to put an end to this collective abuse. †

“Our project is right the human in the center of the device replied Benoît Arrive. “The lesson about man comes from the Republicans… I have a feeling of disgust,” also replied Bertrand Hulin (La Gauche Debout), referring to his experience in the school environment under Nicolas Sarkozy’s five-year term. He, a teacher and trade unionist, then explained in detail why he would vote for this master plan again. Nicolas Vivier (La Coopérative citoyenne) asks for the vote to be postponed.

After two hours of debateThat are the councilors (elected representatives of representative democracy) who go to vote on whether or not to continue the master plan for public schools, including the transformation of the Roquettes school : 39 voted in favour, nobody voted against or abstained, but 10 (that of La Coopérative citoyenne and that of the Cercle du Cotentin) did not take part in the vote.

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