A loft at PSG? “Ridiculous, we’re not at the municipal school!” Daniel Hechter believes in 100% PSG

President of PSG between 1973 and 1978, Daniel Hechter is also the one who created the club’s mythical jersey, in response to the color code BBRBB (Bleu Blanc Rouge Blanc Bleu). As part of the Notre PSG consultation launched by France Bleu Paris to give a voice to Paris Saint-Germain supporters, the proposal to invite them to “respect the BBRBB home shirt colours” received no less than 86.8% of the vote. The opportunity to introduce Daniel Hechter to speak out on the club’s current jersey policy.


Does the referendum on the shirt you designed in 1973 make you happy?

That makes me happy of course. When I drew this jersey, I still remember it, it was yesterday. When I presented it to the committee, there was unanimity about the jersey, and even the entire outfit. This sweater was praised in Italy as the most beautiful sweater in Europe. So of course I’m sensitive to that.

Do you understand that the supporters are so attached to these colors?

Yes I understand it. I understand because a club, its emblem, is the jersey. So I understand very well that the Paris-Saint-Germain outfit makes the supporters aware. And besides, I have to say myself that the sweaters that passed… Well, there is one that was very close and that was not bad, apart from the one from the 50 years, which was the same as mine. I understand that a club has to evolve and sell. Yes, I understand that very well. But I offered to design them two or three replacement jerseys, but which remain in the same vein. You know, when it comes to design, there are standards that only a designer can meet. The makers of successive houses are third-rate designers.

Have you discussed it with Nasser al-Khelaïfi or Jean-Claude Blanc?

Look, I have no contact with them. It’s simple: if I had to beg for a place in the knockout stage of the European Cup… In any club in the world I would have my chair engraved with my name on it. Paris is probably the city where I am least well received. So I don’t go there anymore.

As part of our consultation, supporters also voted in favor of the creation of a Paris-Saint-Germain museum. Would you be in favor of it?

Why not ? Me, I’m not against anything. Anything that can improve the image of the club. But I am very, very, very disappointed with the attitude of the current leaders. Very disappointed as I didn’t do anything to them. I attacked some. I attacked Graille because I felt their management was not good. But I never said anything there. However, there is much to criticize! I haven’t declined a single interview so far, but here I think it’s really… You know, the soul of a club is its history. And you have the impression that the current leaders only want to do one thing, and that is make people forget everything that happened before.

At the moment, a lot is changing at the head of Paris-Saint-Germain. Do you feel like things are starting to move in the right direction?

You know, we’re blowing a head off. Another ! First the coach, then the team leader. But there are no real changes. Anyway, what changes do you want to see in Paris? There is a fantastic team. It’s the mayonnaise that needs to be swirled. That is the difference between a club and an association. I’ve always run my company the way I’ve run my club. But it always worked. The problem is that we can’t buddy-buddy with the players today and demand some things afterwards.

Would you be in favor of some players being put aside, in what is called a cage?

No, ridiculous, ridiculous. It’s a club! I don’t mind if we penalize a player for doing something stupid, but we’re not in community school! This is not serious.

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