Suspected sexual assault at a school near Poitiers, parents denounce a form of omerta

After school, in conversation with the other parents of the private school Notre-Dame de Saint-Benoît, near Poitiers, this mother learned thata student allegedly attacked his daughter When she gets home, she asks him questions. And her daughter suddenly drops everything. “She told me he forcibly took her to the toilet,” explains the mother. “He kissed her on the cheek, on the mouth. Then he took off her panties and kissed her on her sex. And then she said to me ‘it was a secret with the mistress, I had to shut up and it was shh’ “. Several parents testify at the microphone of France Bleu Poitou . on Thursday 30 June a form of omerta in this private Catholic school, whose principal was attacked in early June by the father of this student who was a victim of touch.

It was during an interview about these facts that the attack took place. “I gave everything back to the principal, and from there he minimizes telling me that at least these are things that happen very often in school, that the child involved was only talking about kisses. It’s thick, that these are love stories.”, says the mother, who came to the meeting with her ex-partner. It is at this point that it presses the director against the wall. The police intervene a complaint is filed against him.

“Crushed” Children

But the mother also wants to take legal action against the school. “I don’t know what could have been put in place, I don’t know at all. I just think that since we’re paying for this school, they have to guarantee the safety of our children, very simply. That they seriously question their way of working. “ The mother of this student has already sent a letter to the public prosecutor and the rectorate. Neither the management of the establishment, nor the Rectorate, would accede to our requests, stating that they wanted to “let the law do its job”. Before the start of the school year, at least the choice has been made: the little girl will be publicly trained.

“It’s easy to say it was a student dispute, but it wasn’t”continues the mother. “It is a dispute not to listen to serious facts and lies. Out of spite we realize that facts have been reported all year round, but nothing has ever been done about it”, she says. “There’s always been the same speech. We were told there was nothing, that they were doing everything necessary. They minimized facts that really crushed the kids, that don’t do well, and are followed by psychiatrists. We can’t leave things like Which.”

Shocking teaching methods

Three other mothers, all of whom have dropped their children from school, also take the floor to denounce what they describe as “concealment” of various forms of harassment and violence on the part of a student of the CP class, who is suspected of touching the little girl. They had never spoken to each other all school year and yet at the beginning of June they accidentally stand in the school parking lot and take turns emptying their bags. “We couldn’t say everything”, assures one of the women, whose son has been beaten several times by the student in question. “Il me disait qu’il l’embêtait, qu’il le frappait, mais il avait l’impression qu’il n’avait pas le droit de m’en parler. Et puis pendant les vacances, il rabâchait le prénom de l ‘pupil…”

These mothers also point a climate of secrecywhich reveals very limited teaching methods. “One day my daughter came home from school and told me they had learned a new song. She started singing it to me and said, ‘One day in his hut a little Negro played guitar'”explains another mother. “I must confess I was a little surprised.” She and four other parents decided to take their kids out of this class“We realize that these are children who are afraid”adds another woman. “They don’t have any spontaneity, they didn’t work very much, it completely disgusted them.”

All these mothers have written to the diocese, which administers Catholic education. He says he understands the parents’ concerns, but confirms: support to the management of the branch. “I do not agree with them about the analysis”explains Bernard Roux, the diocesan director. “We don’t take the subject lightly. There can be a gap between believing we are being listened to and hoping that everything the parents propose will be implemented.”

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