Olympia launches its NFT collection

the start tailor joins theOlympiathe legendary Parisian concert hall making a remarkable entry into the world of Web3 with its first collection “The O’Gs” from 250 membership cards in NFT format that goes on sale on July 6, 2022 (presale from July 4). They are valid for life and allow their lucky holders to attend free concerts every year, participate in special nights or take advantage of unlimited access to future virtual events.

With its NFT membership card, the Olympia aims to surprise around a deliberately quirky concept focused on the worlds of gaming, pop culture and crypto. “The O’Gs” refer to the graphic universes of monuments of these genres: with inspiration from Jet Set Radio (mythical sliding game focused on street culture and music), characters from the Gorillaz group or even retro video games 8/16 bit from the 90s also characterized by their iconic polyphonic music.

“The O’Gs” are represented by 250 unique pixel art avatars, designed by an artist of the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins and then composed by an algorithm. Each equipped with a pseudonym with a musical connotation, “The O’Gs” will be divided into 5 rarity levels with specific privileges and represented by 5 groups of fans: The Boss or “Oreille Absolue” (1 member), The O ‘Jacks (4 members), The O’Beats (15 members), The O’Tunes (80 members) and finally The O’Tracks (150 members).

For example, the holder of the “Oreille Absolue” single card can enjoy, among other things, a VIP “lifetime pass” for 2 people and for 12 events of your choice per year, including for each event a dinner for 2 people in the restaurant “Le petit Olympia and free drinks at the Olympia bar!

A first step into the future

By using the blockchain as a guarantee of the ownership and durability of its membership cards, the Olympia sets the first milestone in a Web 3 strategy, including the development of its various components (NFT tickets, NFTs for events, virtual concerts, etc. .) goes crescendo:

“The O’Gs project is part of L’Olympia’s constant desire to use the latest innovations to provide its audiences with increasingly innovative and immersive experiences. […] preserving its identity, its taste for all cultures and its roots in society.” Laurent de Cerner, president of L’Olympia.

How to get an Olympia membership card?

With the exception of the single card, which is also auctioned for the benefit of an association (at the buyer’s option), each of the other membership cards will be offered on the NFT Tailor ticket marketplace on July 6 at 12 noon. 00 hours at the price of 100 €. Each cardholder will discover their rarity level, traits and name of their “O’G” during the “reveal” on July 12.

A significant portion of the collection will be available for presale (“whitelist”) from July 4, 2022. This access to the whitelist can be obtained by following Olympia and Tailor’s social networks, or by visiting the dedicated page: www.nft. olympiahall.com

More information about Tailor

Tailor is an NFT marketplace for tickets and collectibles based on live events. Much more than a simple ticket, the NFT allows many developments: impossible fraud, regulation of resale, automatic royalties for artists, access for fans to communities and exclusive content…

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