Niantic Unveils NBA All-World Mobile Game for ‘Real-World Metaverse’

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Niantic has unveiled a new mobile game called NBA All-World that will allow fans to compete against other gamers in their own neighborhood.

The game uses geolocation to allow players to find other players and challenge them to a one-on-one multiplayer hoop game on a smartphone. It’s another title that builds on the genre of location-based gaming that Niantic pioneered with Ingress and Pokémon Go. Niantic’s formula was to create new location-based games with well-known brands such as Harry Potter or Pikmin, and it also licenses AR/location-based platform for independent developers through a platform called Lightship.

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San Francisco-based Niantic said NBA All-World is a unique game that will put NBA fans in the “real metaverse,” which places computer animations on the real world when viewed. smart phones. † NBA All-World is now in soft-launch, with a global launch expected during the 2022-2023 NBA season.

Marcus Matthews, senior producer at Niantic, said at a press conference that the “real world metaverse” means that instead of creating a virtual world for you to explore, Niantic will overlay a video game environment over a map of the real world.

“And we want to use things and things from the real world and places in the real world,” he said. “And we can turn them into video game objects that you can interact with and play with or play against.”

NBA All-World is an officially licensed, free-to-play location-based basketball game in which players can find, challenge, and compete against current NBA players in their area, then recruit them to their team before setting themselves up on the virtual field proofs.

“It’s the evolution into the next generation of sports video games,” Matthews said. “This is where the NBA game and lifestyle meet the real metaverse.”

You can collect players in NBA All-World.

For Niantic, the real metaverse is the packaging it wraps around the real world to immerse you in a basketball universe, “or what I personally like to call turning the real world into a basketball theme park,” Matthews said.

In NBA All-World, real basketball courts have been transformed into fields where you can play virtually and compete against the best players in the league. You can move around the map as you wander, looking for drop zones with gear that you can collect and use to customize your players. You can get gear like sneakers and accessories at Drop Zones.

“This sports store around the corner is the perfect place to buy the latest designer shoes to customize your players,” said Matthews. “We built this game around how players naturally play basketball. Basketball is an outdoor sport. And what we’re doing is taking a basketball video game experience and taking it outside.

You can discover shoes, jerseys, balls and accessories inspired by basketball culture. Players can also find, challenge and compete against current NBA players in their area, then recruit them to their team before proving themselves on the field.

“Something that’s never really been done in sports games is card-based play,” Matthews said. “So we’re going to introduce a new style, a new way, a new flavor, to get around that and see sports games.”

Steph Curry of the Warriors in NBA All-World.

You can improve player stats with attack, defense and fitness buffs. You can keep your energy high with energy drinks and watch out for the energy drop that makes it harder to score. You can challenge players and build your reputation.

You control the player in the game with swipes or taps.

“We want it to be a very fast, easy and accessible game system with short experiences that you can play in the real world,” said Matthews.

The idea is to have people go to court and then play virtual basketball sessions between real-world games.

Matthews said you have to be on real courts to play with others. But he acknowledged that many communities may not have well-situated sites. In this case, real parks could replace competition venues.

The company has a database of hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world, and Niantic’s intent is to try and increase the number of visitors to those locations so that people play more basketball in real life. You can also play against someone in your own house if you have a friend or sibling who can play in the same location through a feature called nearby multiplayer. But you can’t find item drops this way.

“At the NBA, we are always looking for new ways for our fans to connect with the league,” said Adrienne O’Keefe, NBA vice president of global partnerships, in a news conference. “And we really see NBA All-World and this partnership with Niantic as a way to add an exciting new game to our portfolio that will give our fans a whole new experience with this metaverse real-world AR gameplay.”

“NBA-All World gives us the opportunity to bring NBA players into the real world of Niantic, paving the way for fans to interact with them in new ways,” said Josh Goodstadt, vice president. representative of the NBA Players Association, in a statement. “Niantic has a proven track record of creating games that encourage engagement in local communities, and adding our players to NBA All-World adds to that immersion.”

In addition, NBA All-World will use NBA fashion with the ability to outfit players in-game with custom clothing, Matthews said.

Players can sign up to be notified when NBA All-World becomes available in their country by visiting this site.

You can play one-on-one battles against other players in NBA All-World.

“We want people to be able to use our game to start a real basketball game,” Matthews said.

Glenn Chin, the game’s chief marketing officer, told a news conference that the game could appeal to basketball players or “sneakerheads” who have their own ties to the sport. The game is a way to express your love for the sport and to connect with other gamers. The game offers AR experiences.

The game will add location-related facts such as the courts where NBA players grew up playing basketball. It’s a cool feature that could inspire kids to become basketball stars.

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, is a basketball fan and the high school basketball team he played on won the Texas State Championship. The conversation started about five years ago after Pokémon Go debuted when the NBA took notice of its popularity, O’Keefe said.

“It was obvious where this could go,” O’Keefe said.

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