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After three years of absence and just over a hundred days before the opening of the Equip Auto doors, the organizers were impatient with the unveiling of the contents of this 26th edition, which will take place from October 18 in Paris Porte de Versailles. until 22, 2022, the same place and venue as the Paris Motor Show. And rightly so, this year the Fiev, the FFC and Comexposium promise a Parisian car after-sales show rich in novelties and promises

Equip Car for an ideal car future

Equip Auto’s president, Philippe Baudin, and his teams wanted to enhance the show’s business appeal by supporting professionals and facilitating exchanges, as well as distinguishing itself from the competition. ” We are the only BtotB event that can handle all challenges because we knew how to move forward at the same time as the market”, he said. They have worked for months, depending of course on the context the sector faces, between energy, environmental, technological, regulatory and legal challenges, or even supported by new applications. And their work has resulted in three major missions:

  1. working for meetings and business, a performance lever,
  2. putting innovation and digital at the service of tomorrow’s car market,
  3. and make the show the benchmark for connected mobility services.

“These challenges and its missions are non-negotiable today”, for Philippe Baudin, who is determined to “together we create the ideal future for the sector, a future that combines know-how and innovation”† To do this and “designing this future”the show will therefore come alive for 5 days around 4 well-defined major themes:

  1. circular economy: sustainable automotive (depollution, recycling, PIEC and remanufacturing, ecological garage, used vehicles),
  2. technological innovations: the garage of the future (electronic maintenance, connected garage, mechanics and bodywork),
  3. energy transition and maintenance: aftersales tomorrow (new engines: from OE to aftersales, retrofit, ethanol and synthetic fuels),
  4. the professionals of tomorrow: training, recruitment, transfer of businesses.

Equip Auto has also chosen to focus again on the sector division of the routes, a winning formula according to the organization. It will therefore continue to offer six itineraries that allow visitors to explore the show according to visitors’ centers of interest or needs, from spare parts and equipment for electric and hybrid vehicles to after-truck sales solutions, original equipment innovations, the ecological and sustainable garage, up to the electronic garage and maintenance and the digital garage.

Map of the Equip Auto Show by Sector

80,000 visitors expected

In numbers, this is what the organizers say: 5 days of the show (from October 18 to 21, 2022), 3 halls (pavilions 1, 2.1 and 2.2), 80,000 m2, 1,000 exhibitors (equipment manufacturers, manufacturers, distribution networks and after-sales , tool and equipment manufacturers, tire manufacturers, IT publishers, etc. and 80,000 visitors expected, of which 50% are mechanics.Apart from the 20,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors less than in 2019, this edition still looks promising, mainly because it was able to benefit of all the appearance of the Mondial de l’Auto.The staff confirm that 95% of the surface is already on the market and that new subscribers represent 35% within 4 months of opening the doors of the show.Note that the French government has decided to provide financial support to the event sector of up to tens of thousands of euros per stand for new exhibitors and SMEs, as well as 25% of international exhibitors present, enabling the installation of paviljo Ens dedicated to the Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, China and Turkey.

With regard to the program, several new features should be noted. Equip Auto will offer to visit its traditional “villages”, but this year there will be 5. the Re-employment Village and the Village of French Territories of Excellence appear† The first will bring together the actors of the part arising from the circular economy to talk about remanufacturing, reparability and reuse, while the other will highlight the competitive clusters active in the field of new mobility and car innovation. At the same time, it will also build an era dedicated to collector vehicles, as well as the garage of the future. For the latter, it will be a matter of offering a different visiting experience in support of a brand new demonstrator. This will immerse the professionals present at the show in the evolution of their current and expected activity in the coming years. The tour lasts 55 minutes and is written in an immersive setting with demonstrations in special universes.

Equip Auto, an annual and international event?

Not yet released, a batch of 4 major European forums will be held during the BtoB event and will cover the following topics:

  • ecological transition and sustainable development, “The major challenges for the automotive aftermarket, 2022-2030”,
  • technological innovations, “Car maintenance, tomorrow”,
  • energy transition / electric vehicle, “The sector in full revolution”,
  • the professionals of tomorrow, “Recruiting, training, passing on… the big challenges”.

They will take place every morning, on the occasion of roundtables in French and English, bringing together European experts who take turns exploring the sector’s cross-cutting issues related to the show’s main themes.

Let’s not forget the many internal encounters on this show, as the International Grands Prix will also feature prominently, as will the gala evening and the series of events, workshops and conferences, which will certainly be lively throughout the day. For its big comeback, Equip Auto has invested in a new digital system and integrated its 365 community platform, allowing exhibitors and visitors to be connected all year round. It’s already operational.

Here’s the full program

All professionals and the press will therefore meet from October 18, 2022 in Paris Porte de Versailles, but in any case, the Equip Auto show has the determination to evolve, to ensure its financial sustainability, to roll out its brand internationally and to the annual meeting in favor of formulas such as Equip Auto On Tour or other formulas currently under consideration.

The list of exhibitors is also available on the Equip Auto website

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