Another year of work for the renovation of the Jean-Rostand school in Riom (Puy-de-Dôme)

For those who did not know the building before the restructuring, it is difficult to imagine its original state today since the beginning of the restructuring work of the Jean-Rostand de Riom school group. Only the walls and roof have been preserved.

A new step in the rehabilitation of the Grenier block in Riom (Puy-de-Dôme)

Launched in October 2021, this work on the 1970s building has several objectives, recalled by the Atelier FGA architectural firm within the R3i group, which is responsible for project management. First, “find a housing shell”, with a tiled roof that will have the advantage of allowing networks to pass through the attic; sober facades, integrated into the landscape, wood and treatment of greenery.

Islands of freshness created

“The goal is not to create an architectural object. The architecture gives way to landscapes and puts the child and the educational community at the center of the project,” they recall. These green spaces – “long suppressed in schools for maintenance reasons” – will take the form of islands of freshness in the nursery and primary school, with an educational garden and two areas for the little ones. Rue des Boules will also be constructed in the same way.

in numbers

€8.6 million
The total cost of the project including tax with support from the European Union (€1.3 million); the state through the local investment aid (DSIL, for €300,000); the Faculty Council via the Joint Intervention Fund (FIC, for € 430,000) and the city community of RLV (€ 20,000).
In m2 the restructured building area.
In m2 the surface of outdoor areas.
The number of pupils welcomed in Jean-Rostand is divided between kindergarten (103 children) and primary school (216 children).
The number of classes in the school group, built in 1973.
The number of 1st grade students welcomed in Riom.

Second objective, that of functionality, circulation “with a kindergarten brought to the same level. It’s a real Tetris game inside, but we’re staying on the same footprint of the building.” After-school reception and catering (a joint self-service) will be located at the heart of the school group, between the nursery and primary school.

“This project is part of the school renewal master plan. First with Maurice-Genest, today with Jean-Rostand and tomorrow it will be a new school. We must provide our young people with the best learning conditions.”

Pierre Pecoul (mayor of Riom)

The only extensions should come from traffic areas “to encourage exchanges, bridges between children and adults”. The spaces will also be scalable: the multipurpose room, the BCDs, the kindergarten rest area, the elementary sports hall; Special play areas will also be set up. Finally, the entrances and exits are adapted, with secure access, in consultation with the families, as well as the PMR accessibility.

School Renovation Master Plan

“This project is part of the school renewal master plan. First with Maurice-Genest, today with Jean-Rostand and tomorrow it will be a new school. We must provide our young people with the best learning conditions,” said Mayor Pierre Pécoul on Tuesday morning during a site visit that led to the laying of the foundation stone.

Rehabilitation work at the Jean-Rostand school in Riom: what will change for school children?

Or rather, the first insulation board in this project worth 8.6 M€ incl. tax, demonstrating a strong environmental commitment, with a commitment to reduce energy consumption by 40%. “A model school, in harmony with its environment”, for the first magistrate to bet on the end of construction in May 2023, before installation in the premises and an opening in September 2023. “It is necessary at the start of the school year, we are here,” he insisted.

€430,000 in aid from the ministry

Referring to the term “panache”, dear to Edmond Rostand, father of both Jean and Cyrano de Bergerac, Riom department council Stéphanie Flori-Dutour thought that “the panache, this building should embody it”, and saw the primary school as “a gateway to meritocracy and equal opportunities”. In this context, the project received support from the Department of €430,000 “revised upwards, between €172,000 from the municipal intervention fund, €86,000 from exceptional FIC and €172,000 from the departmental recovery plan for the underprivileged. – prefectures. This is the largest project funded this year,” she concludes.

“I grew up in teachers’ rooms. Being here is a real-time machine,” acknowledged Riom’s Under-Prefect Olivier Maurel, for his part. A time that certainly benefited the school group to begin its long transformation.

Francois Jaulhac

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