Novakid, an online English school for young children

Do you want your child to learn English at an early age? We have the solution for you. With Noakid, immersion learning is easy to do from home! To learn more about Noakid and his online English lessons for kids, I invite you to continue reading this article.

Noakid, the online, progressive and comfortable education in English for children

Novakid is an English school that operates entirely online and focuses entirely and exclusively on young children. You can enroll your child in the Nokid courses from the age of 4 and the courses are suitable for pre-teens from 12 years old who are going to university.

The lesson content is adapted on two levels. First of all, it is adapted to the age of the child. Noakid is well aware that it is not possible to approach all subjects in the same way with children. So for a toddler who is just learning the French alphabet, it is possible to give him theenglish alphabet, but this is not relevant for a young person who is preparing for the HBO diploma. Noakid is committed to providing an engaging program that meets their expectations.

Learning is also adapted to the child’s level of English. Learning is gradual and adapted to the needs of each young person. For example, a child first learns the English alphabet and then gradually composes more and more complete words and sentences. Noakid always goes from the simplest to the most complex so that the brain can build a logical sequence and anchor this knowledge in the long run.

Noakid, progressive learning adapted to everyone

Progressive learning methods that adapt to the child are made possible by three factors. First of all, the lessons are all taught by native speakers. This means that our teachers have a perfect command of the English language and can guide the child as best as possible to what is essential to know, both from an academic and practical point of view.

After that, the lessons are given individually, during 25-minute sessions that maintain the child’s full attention. This individualization makes it possible to really adapt the content to the level of each child. The English alphabet or a grammatical principle difficult to acquire? The teacher can come back to it in several ways to solve this problem. Conversely, what is easy for the child can be explored more easily.

Finally, the courses are taught by teachers with extensive experience in teaching children, and more particularly in online teaching. Noakid offers its courses completely online. This has advantages, but also implies a certain need for experience in transferring knowledge via a computer.

Noakid, useful and comfortable learning

The English classes taught by Noakid teachers meet European educational standards. This means that the English-taught program offered complies with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Thus, the concepts learned can be used throughout the child’s school period and will provide him with a good working knowledge of the English language.

Online learning also offers an undeniable time-saver for parents who don’t have to accompany their children to all corners of the city. The child, on the other hand, learns in a setting that is familiar to him, which promotes learning. It is also an ideal asset to take quality and hassle-free support courses.

So what are you waiting for to take advantage of Noakid and provide your child with a good level of English? Knowledge of this language is an indispensable asset in today’s globalized world. By using this learning platform, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands and will enjoy discovering the language of Shakespeare.

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