Kia Sportage, electrification, innovations and comfort for professionals

Through Kia Enterprise and its 50 Business Centers, Kia offers a wide range of mobility solutions for professionals, starting with the current novelty, the Kia Sportage, the 5th generation of the star SUV of the South Korean brand.

Kia Entreprise, a range of products and services for professionals

Since its foundation in 1944, Kia has developed by creating modern and innovative mobility solutions with today, for the 4th largest car group in the world, a large eco-responsible dimension in the face of climate problems. To meet the needs and expectations of companies, support them in controlling their costs and optimizing their operations, Kia offers a range of products and services under the Kia Enterprise label. About ten models are offered through 215 dealers throughout the French territory, including 50 business centers specifically dedicated to professionals. From the Picanto city car to the modern and innovative 100% electric EV6, all cars intended for the professional market are equipped with virtuoso engines, whether they are micro hybrids, hybrids, rechargeable hybrids or 100% electric. In order to best meet the expectations of professional customers, Kia offers LLD (Long Term Rental) offers through Kia Lease. Depending on the needs of companies, they include service, maintenance, 24/7 assistance, a replacement car and a financial damage guarantee.

The controlled running costs of the Kia Sportage

Among the range intended for professionals, the Sportage SUV stands out in its new 2022 version, 5th generation of the best-selling Kia, which, by the way, begins its 29th year in the catalog of the South Korean brand and more than 6 million models sold worldwide. Cost control is an important factor in the decision to purchase a company car. Thanks to its hybrid and especially plug-in hybrid engine, the Sportage delivers remarkable performance with an average consumption of less than 2 liters per 100 kilometres. In 100% electric mode, the battery can cover almost 80 kilometers in the city. Enough to ensure the most important daily journeys with zero fuel consumption and zero emissions, especially when the company has charging stations, allowing the battery to be kept at maximum capacity. To this end, Kia also offers a terminal installation service through ZEborne-Proxiserve, as well as a roaming charging solution with Kia Charge (available with or without a subscription). The driver has access to more than 36,000 charging stations in France and more than 320,000 in Europe, whose location, availability and cost of charging are available via an application. Top ups are activated with a single card and are billed monthly for accurate and regular control of spend. For long journeys on board the Kia Sportage Plug-in Hybrid, it is the intelligent management between the combustion engine and the electric motor that optimizes fuel consumption with CO2 emissions as low as 25 g/km. By mixing short journeys and long journeys, easing the duration of vehicle ownership for the company, and by adding the tax benefits, we ultimately obtain a TCO (Total Cost Ownership) that is much more interesting than with a 100% vehicle thermal.

Road safety in the Kia Sportage

The vehicles in the Kia range intended for professionals have been brought together in a specific Business range. The Sportage, like the other models, benefits from an abundance of equipment and is fully geared to the needs of business customers. Thus, in the Kia Sportage, depending on the Business trim, we find the navigation system with Europe mapping, the Bluetooth and wired hands-free telephone kit with the telephone charging slot via induction, full audio connections (AUX, USB …) for the practical and comfort elements. In terms of road safety, the Kia Sportage benefits from a suite of driver assistance technologies called DriveWise, literally Driving Wisdom. The adaptive cruise control is linked to the navigation system. The real-time retrieved data makes it possible to maintain a safe rhythm on the highway, for example by automatically reducing the speed when approaching a bend. In connection with speed control, speed sign recognition warns the driver if the permitted limit is exceeded. The Active Highway Assist system manages the distance and speed to the vehicle in front while keeping the Kia Sportage in the center of the lane. Finally, it is equipped with an anti-collision system that warns the driver if a vehicle is in a blind spot during a manoeuvre. And to further increase safety, the hidden camera in the door mirror is activated when the turn signal is activated. The video is then displayed in one of the two left or right gauges of the instrument panel located behind the steering wheel, depending on which direction the turn signal is activated. This allows the driver to see at a glance what is happening to the side and to the rear.

Comfort, volumes and functionality of the Kia Sportage

Inside, the Sportage offers everything you would expect when the car is a second office for many professionals. The interior is large enough to feel comfortable in, with a pleasant, slightly elevated driving position. The atmosphere combines modernity, innovation and sobriety with high-quality materials. A large screen runs from the center of the dashboard to behind the steering wheel, which is divided into two large plates of 12.3 inches each. For the driver there is the display of the counters and the various information about the road and the car. In the center of the Sportage, a touchscreen brings together all the multimedia functions: audio, navigation, telephony, connected services, etc. And charging problem, the Kia Sportage Plug-in Hybrid is not left out. It offers a significant volume of 540 liters in standard configuration and goes up to 1,715 liters with the rear seats folded down. More than enough to satisfy all professionals.

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