FujiDAO rewards the use of its protocol through the “Fuji Climb, Fantom Expedition” operation

FujiDAO, the protocol that optimizes borrowing costs, launched Operation Fuji Climb: Fantom Expedition in early June. Platform users are invited to “climb” Mount Fuji, climb as high as possible, to earn points that they can later redeem for future FUJI tokens. Find out how you can take advantage of this.


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FujiDAO, the leading aggregator for decentralized credit markets

the protocol FujiDAO offers two important advantages. First, it allows liquidity borrowers to:acquire the best interest. Then, and this is the most interesting feature, it continuously monitors the rates on the lending platforms and, as soon as a better rate arises, it automatically forwards the loans of all users.

FujiDAO users therefore benefit continuously the cheapest rate on the market† Moreover, pooling funds also benefits borrowers because they realize economies of scale on transaction costs. Finally, the protocol offers significant time savings.

Fuji Climb: Fantom Expedition

The operation Fuji Climb: Fantom Expeditionstarted on 1er last June, offers participants the opportunity to discover the benefits of using the Fuji protocol through a fun experience rather than going directly through decentralized lending platforms.

The principle of the game is simple: every dollar borrowed from the platform generates one point per day as long as the borrowed position remains active.

The goal is to collect as many points as possible, because at the end of the expedition, these points can be converted and exchanged for future FUJI tokens† FujiDAO has indeed announced that 3% of the share set aside for the community will be distributed among the expedition participants in proportion to the number of their points.

How to participate in the expedition?

Fuji Climb takes place on the Fantom blockchain (FTM). For starters, IYou need to borrow DAI or USDC through Fuji protocol† Points are generated daily in proportion to the amount borrowed.

To optimize their performance, participants have the option to purchase treasure chests that add a dose of luck.


There are three types of chests: – ordinary, epic and legendary – that turn on to win different bonuses† Depending on its rarity, each chest offers a greater or lesser chance of earning extra points or improvement items. Be careful, as with any lucky game, the chest may be empty.

To buy a chest, you have to sacrifice a certain number of points accumulated thanks to the loan. There is therefore a risk that the points sacrificed will be lost.

Figure 1 : Fuji Climb Cases

For example, a regular chest can hold up to 25,000 points for a prize of 1,000 points. A Legendary Chest, on the other hand, will cost you 10,000 points, but may contain up to 1 million points

Bonus equipment

In addition to bonus points, some chests also contain equipment items that are actually non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These make for a very powerful bonus, as they allow you to significantly increase your final score.

NFT Fuji DAO Climb

Figure 2: Fuji Climb Bonus Gear

Each NFT is a point multiplier equal to a 10% bonus† Thus, the complete set of 10 NFTs doubles the final score.

It is also possible tocollect multiple items identical to combine their effect to reach up to 18% bonus by device type. Each chest has 5% chance to drop bonus gear

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How long does the shipment take?

Fuji Climb: Fantom Expedition takes place in three phases† The first, which lasts until August 1, is the accumulation phase: the goal is to maximum possible points

After that, the second phase begins in which participants replenish their collection of missing bonus equipment to: maximize their multiplier† To validate their score, players must enter a “lockdown ceremony »ie burn their equipment. Only then will the multiplier bonus be applied and the collected points will be validated.

The expedition culminates in the third and final leg with the binding phase:† The validated points are then converted into vouchers during different acquisition (or lockout) periods.

it’s good to be Financial NFT, ERC-3525 Standard Tokens or “semi-fungible tokens”. They can be exchanged for the future FUJI token at a later date, determined based on the vesting period chosen during the closing ceremony.

For more information about the rules of the expedition, visit the special section of FujiDAO documentation

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