From football to cryptocurrency, the brand new life of legend Nwankwo Kanu

Has a large size 1.97m the former Nigeria super eagles forward marked his time. Nwankwo Can you born on the 1st August 1976 is a former Nigerian international who made the good days of many big clubs like Ajax, Inter Milan and Arsenal just to name these three clubs. The Nigerian has won far too much during his national and club career. With Nigeria, Can you won the U17 World Cup in 1993 and in 1996 he won the Olympics. Unfortunately, he will not win the Africa Cup during his career.

In a club Can you has won several prizes in 1995 with Ajax Amsterdam. At the Dutch club Nwankwo Can you was at the top of European football. he won the 1995 Champions League, the European Supercoupe and the Intercontinental Cup, the Dutch Championship, the Supercup From The Netherlands. A great year for the former Nigerian international.

with Inter Can youwould also fill his trophy cabinet in 1998 with the UEFA Cup. On the side of Arsenal, he summer winner of the English Football Championship in 2002 and 2004, winner of the English Football League Cup in 2002 and 2003, winner of the charity Shield in 1999 and 2002, UEFA Cup runner-up in 2000 and English Football League Cup runner-up in 2001. He eventually won the FA Cup in Portsmouth in 2008. Can you was also African Ballon d’Or in 1996 and 1999.

Nwankwo Can you has struggled throughout his career. After the Olympics, Nwanko Can you had to stay away from the field after doctors at Italian club Inter Milan had diagnosed with a heart problem. Conscious of danger of this disease, Can you is engaged in raising awareness to fight against this disease, which affects many jock

In 2000, after his retirement, he founded the Foundation Can you Heart with which he is working to build a $17 million heart hospital in Abuja in Nigeria

” Todaywe take our kids to india for treatment and it is expensive. This hospital, we build it for the children of the most underprivileged familiesexplained the sportsman. Nwanko Can you tries to rally his former teammates around his heart hospital construction project reports BBC.

“I’m in touch with friends so that we do something, that we create more awareness, that we try to help children in Africafound it Can you Nwanko

After the untimely death of Sheikh Tiotegave the Nigerian a major update on heart disease in Africa. The Ivorian died in 2017 at the age of 30 after collapsing during training in China, where he played for a 2nd division club. before sheikh Tioteanother African player died under the same circumstances, Cameroonian Marc Viviane Enemy in 2003 in the middle of a football match as remembered Can you

“This is not the first time such incidents have happened. We lost Marc Vivien Enemy He died and nothing was done. Tiote died and nothing was done either”

In addition to its social involvement, Can you managed to make money by multiplying partnerships. The African football icon has signed as ambassador for sports betting It is with a sports bet that: Can you works for cryptocurrency development.

Can you said “Sign for sports betting was the perfect opportunity to join the revolution cryptocurrencies I’ve already seen how the cryptocurrencies can be a force for good in our world, with the Can you Heart Foundation receiving large bitcoin donations. I work closely with the team of sports bettingio to help spread the word.

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