EM Lyon business school: gain strategic leadership with the “Leading an activity” certificate

For 30 years, emlyon business school’s ‘Leading an activity’ certificate has strengthened the fundamental skills of executives while developing their agility and creativity at the service of business performance. A look back at a complete, prestigious and alumni-acclaimed program, signed “emlyon”.

Boost aspects Strategy and leadership, that is the common thread of the ‘Leading an activity’ programme. This recognized program, constantly revised to respond to the many transformations faced by managers, guides them in the development and implementation of relevant strategies for their activities in a complex and changing environment.

Establishing Strategic Leadership

The certificate gives the trainees a mastery of strategic approachan ability to identify Financial problemsa leadership revised, putting collective intelligence at the heart of new management relationships, and new business look, a personalized skills development plan and an individualized performance management tool. The ‘Leading an activity’ certificate program is built around a common core of 14.5 days and 3 days business game. The modules that make up it are intended to challenge and formulate an optimal strategy in a unit or an activity. The management framework thus works on several fundamental elements:

  • strategy and emerging business models, from strategic diagnosis to implementation;
  • finance for managers: the impact of operational decisions on value creation;
  • federate and mobilize: mobilizing teams around the strategic vision;
  • management of economic, social and societal performance: management control as a decision-making tool;
  • the law: the adoption of the contract as an aid to the business strategy;
  • the business game: implement the company’s strategy, prepare and share financial forecasts;
  • corporate governance.

Stimulate administrative dynamics

The ‘Leading an activity’ certificate has great advantages in terms of the management skills of the participants. Her alumni testify to this, such as Céline Porret Condamine, a veterinarian by profession. † I have practiced my profession for 15 very satisfying years in a veterinary clinic. In 2008 I became a partner and therefore a manager. The clinic has experienced strong growth, from 10 to 50 employees in less than 8 years. I then felt a lack of my education in management and team management. I had to professionalize myself and that’s why I got the certificate lead an activity fromemlyon business school in 2016 “. The course of 3 days a month for 1 year allowed the vet to continue her work and acquire the essential foundation in business strategy, team management, finance, customer loyalty… so many new topics for her.” This training also gave me a perspective on my leadership, I asked myself what I wanted to bring into the company and into my work. This part of personal development is very rich in this training and has played a decisive role in the rest of my career.

The ‘Leading an activity’ certificate brings both a strategic approach to the participants and leadership skills. Nadège Grataloup and Caroline Jambin Burgalat decided after 15 and 17 years of hospital practice to obtain the certificate to adapt their management to a rapidly changing professional environment. The two leaders wanted to open up to other professions, broaden their vision and acquire new skills. † Looking back a year, I found contributions in the areas of financial analysis tools and value creation, listening to customers “say Nadège Grataloup, then Deputy Director of Belley Hospital for 2 years. “I have really boosted a new management dynamic, especially thanks to the modules Creativity in Team Management and Change Management, which focus on the sociology of organizations. Tools that she admits to use on a daily basis in the management of her establishment.

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