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The new version of the site was released on June 27, 2022. Not everything is perfect yet, but the main functions should work. Back in pictures on the previous versions of the site and showcasing the new features of the 2022 version.

Cryptoast gets a version 3

Hi all, I am very happy, on behalf of the entire Cryptoast team, to present to you the new version of the websitewhich was released yesterday afternoon, June 27, 2022.

But before we start, let’s go back a few years and meet the first two versions of the site that shaped Cryptoast’s history.

Back in photos on previous versions of

The first version of the site was launched in September 2017 with a toast logo, the Jean character and the slogan “Let’s Democratize Cryptocurrency”

Although of an elemental elegance, the structure of the site was already there and the content that also made Cryptoast’s reputation: guides and tutorials to easily understand the crypto ecosystem.

During the year 2020the site is getting a facelift and switch to his V2with the program: change of logo, complete overhaul of the Jean character and improvement of the graphics of the site.

Cryptoast has now become a medium and the many journalists report the news every day, so that news now occupies a central place on the site. This is the version you have been using for the past few months, with its flaws and qualities.

Below you will find an overview of V1 and V2.

Cryptoast V1, at launch in 2017

Cryptoast V2 in 2020

Cryptoast V2, in 2020

What’s New in the 2022 Version of Cryptoast

Make way for the 2022 version that we worked tirelessly for several months. It offers you a much better navigation comfort than previous versions.

We put the reader, you, at the center of our concernswith the following objectives: reading comfort, easy finding of the desired content, intuitive navigation, tools with high added value, etc.

Without further ado, what’s new:

  • Darkmode makes its appearance: it’s 11pm, you’re scrolling next to your other half, but she’s bothered by the light? Go to the dark side. On mobile, go to the menu and click on the moon at the bottom of the page. On the computer, click on the moon that is in the top menu on the right.
  • The Training category redesigned from A to Z: You can now consult the articles by category and by level of difficulty to easily find all our courses.
  • Creation of a page dedicated to NFTs: find the most famous NFT collections, the biggest winners or losers over 24 hours, upcoming collections, etc.
  • The search bar is super powerful: type Bitcoin for example.
  • Stop reading the articles, listen to them: with our integrated audio player on every item.
  • Our crypto ranking is expanding : Nearly 10,000 cryptocurrencies are now available, as well as many tools such as the Price and Capitalization Converter, for those who want to envision the price of their favorite crypto with the capital letters of Bitcoin.

And of course a substantial improvement in the design of the site with:

  • A new, more colorful graphic charter
  • The disappearance of the mascot Jean 😥
  • A new logo 🍞 more refined but true to itself: a slightly sloping toast, crossed by 2 bars, in tribute to Bitcoin

Cryptoast logo

The new Cryptoast logo, in June 2022

The past few months have not been easy for the team responsible for this V3. Thanks to Paul, our developer who has done a remarkable job on the front, to decode our artistic director for the new logo and design of the site, as well as forto Nico our CTO who led the project as a whole and managed the whole back office part.

This is of course only V3.0expect more new features in the coming months.

Not everything is perfect yet, but the main functions should work now. If you come across any bugs, do not hesitate to report them to us at this address: Thank you 🙏

The next big step? We’re going to Web3


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