CM2 students from the Jean-Macé School exhibit their works at the In Situ Gallery in Nogent-le-Rotrou

In March 2022 they came as regular visitors. The 18 students of Hélène Deblock’s CM2 class, at the Jean-Macé School in Nogent-le-Rotrou, had discovered an exhibition space unknown to them, the In Situ Gallery, as well as the work of a painter from Nogent whom he also did not know, Clarisse Friedmann. This meeting resulted in a fruitful collaboration.

Indeed, this Tuesday evening, June 28, 2022, from 6 pm, it is they, the 18 schoolchildren of the Jean-Macé School, who will be the artists exhibited by the In Situ Gallery. Everyone has, of course, composed their work “in the manner of” Clarisse Friedmann and four collective works also adorn the walls of the gallery managed by the association Label Friche at 5, 5 rue du Pâty.

A surprise in the surprise

This exhibition entitled “The four elements inspired by the creations of Clarisse Friedmann” is therefore a surprise that they have prepared for their parents, their school friends and the public of Nogent. They will discover for themselves their works in the gallery since the hanging took place yesterday, in their absence.

Nyzen’s Magnetic Portraits in the In Situ Gallery, in Nogent-le-Rotrou

It is Hélène Deblock, their school teacher who tells the genesis of this project: “It was on a short geography survey where I asked them to name cultural places near their home that I realized they knew nothing of the In Situ Gallery, which is why, in March, we organized a visit to the exhibition dedicated to Clarisse Friedmann.” Jean-Macé’s schoolchildren were thus able to interview the artist, who “was a pleasure to answer them” and then come to class to conduct initiation workshops in painting with a spatula.

An artistic work in the classroom project

For the teacher: “The children immediately hung up on the works of Clarisse Friedmann, many of which are inspired by the theme of water in our work this year, which deals precisely with the four elements of water, air, fire and earth.

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A new artist exhibits in the In Situ gallery managed by the Label Friche association in Pâty

In any case, the exhibition can be discovered. It is not only the exhibition of a beautiful collaborative work that appreciates that of the pupils, but also that of cultural and artistic mediation that the Label Friche association offers throughout the year with the schoolchildren, college and secondary students of Nogent-le- rotrou.

Excercise. The exhibition “The four elements inspired by the creations of Clarisse Friedmann”, by CM2 students of the Jean-Macé school, can be seen on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, Friday, July 1, and Saturday, July 2, 2022, from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. By appointment at Tel. Opening this Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 6 p.m.

18 artists. Eighteen students from Hélène Deblock’s CM2 class at Jean-Macé School got involved in this artistic and educational project. Their signatures from young artists are to remember: Raphaël, Awaz, Angélo, Emma, ​​​​​​Abdulkader, Lina, Mélina, Morgane, Lilou, Jeanne, Malo L., Aaron, Lilia, Malo H., Marwan, Narjiss, Abdullah and Colyne.

Stephane Marchand

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