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With the support of the AFPA and Pôle emploi, Amazon France has issued its first professional qualifications for order pickers through L’Ecole Amazon. Focus on this training device calibrated for the needs of the ecommerce group.

The Amazon School: round table on the sidelines of the presentation of the first diplomas – © DR

It is a French concept that is used with The Amazon Schoolan initiative that has been implemented since 2019 with theAFPA (Adult Vocational Training Agency) and which takes on another dimension. It will develop in France and expand in Italy and Spain.

The goal is to support 300 employees of the American e-commerce group, integrated in its thirty logistics sites spread across France, by 2022 in obtaining a diploma in logistics.

More specifically, the initiative allows Amazon salaried logistics agents to earn an order picker title (equivalent to a CAP-BEP) after completing a four-week guided training course.

“The Amazon School, a project close to our hearts”

“Amazon wants to be the best employer: we talk about education, career, life paths and attractive professional development and offer a quality work environment”explains Jon Scott, HR Director of Amazon France Logistics.

  • “Employees evolve and develop in the company, but they have never had access to certification training, this is the core of the thinking behind the creation of L’École Amazon. This meant a loss and we wanted to return them. In that spirit, we have been working on a program with the AFPA. †
  • “In 2019 we started a first pilot on the Amazon LIL1 site with about ten people involved. Then the Covid-19 crisis prevented us from carrying out this project in 2020. In 2021 we joined forces and resumed the project close to our hearts.” says Jon Scott.

The Amazon School: The First Distinguished Laureates

The Amazon School is a training program to obtain the professional title of order picker. It is spread over 17 days over a 119 hour period with an option to pass the Caces (“Secure Certificate of Competency”, to obtain a driver’s license valid for one or more types of construction equipment or warehouses).

During a ceremony and round table discussion that took place at the end of May at the Amazon distribution center in Brétigny-sur-Orge (known as ORY4), 42 first winners of L’École Amazon, spread over four logistics sites, held a professional title of order picker.

Presentation of the first Amazon School diplomas - © DR
Presentation of the first Amazon School diplomas – © DR

Through training centers located near Amazon logistics sites on national territory, the Afpa organizes training sessions and issues this title within the framework of its partnership with Amazon. “The evolution of the status of the Amazon School is being considered”says Jon Scott.

To meet “permanent” recruitment needs

Amazon France Logistique employs 10,000 order pickers.

“At Amazon, we are constantly recruiting in all areas:

  • people with professional qualities and individual skills, but who do not necessarily have diplomas,
  • on an equal footing,
  • in all age categories: one third up to 29 years, one third up to 40 years, but also people older than 40 years.
    In 2022 we plan to fill more than 3,000 vacancies in France. That has been the case for the past two years.” explained Véronique Rouzaud, HRD at Amazon

By the end of 2022, the company’s total workforce should increase to 18,500 employees, spread across some thirty logistics sites in France, including eight distribution centers.

AFPA and Pôle emploi are participating

On the occasion of this first promotion of the Amazon School, two representatives of the AFPA and Pôle emploi took part in the ceremony:

“The launch of L’École Amazon represented six months of upstream work. The experience was strong: our engineer, specialized in Afpa logistics, broke down all work situations and made the connections between the reference work situations and the learning situations. », explains Guillaume Letzgus, Business Solutions Development Director, AFPA† Opco Mobilités finances part of the training of the people trained through L’École Amazon. “The financial engineering was not very complicated. We have focused more on pedagogical engineering in a logic of co-construction. †
“The Amazon School is an educational initiative that concerns Pôle Emploi. That’s why we support it.”noted Nadine Crinier, Nadine Crinier, Director of Employment Office for the Ile-de-France Region† In February 2021, Pôle emploi signed an agreement with Amazon France to develop diversity, equal opportunities and the sustainable integration of job seekers, especially among young people.

(Adapted from an article by News Tank RH published on 06/01/2022. To access the discovery offer)

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