Introducing Three Top Crypto Platforms in 2022

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 3 platforms that we think are among the best of 2022. These three platforms are BitGet, Immediate Edge and KuCoin. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, the choice of platform is essential. It is important to choose a platform that offers the features you need and is completely secure.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend any platform and the experience we have had on the platforms below will not necessarily be the same as the one you will have. This article can serve as a resource, but check everything yourself, especially as the data we present to you may change over time.

The BitGet Platform

The BitGet platform has many features, but one of the most notable is the CopyTrade feature. This feature is available on some trading platforms and allows you to copy the trades of certain traders present on the platform. CopyTrade can be done on futures contracts and can therefore generate very attractive returns, although it is risky.

BitGet’s interface is user-friendly and allows us to consult Japanese candlestick charts that allow us to analyze the market more accurately than with line charts. It is possible to consult the orders currently in the market and to program orders to sell or buy cryptocurrencies at certain prices.

Trading fees on Bitget are 0.1% and this commission can be reduced to 0.08% if paid with BGB, the platform’s token.

A popular platform to invest in cryptocurrencies is Immediate Edge. It is a reliable and secure platform. It is particularly highly rated by cryptographic media Eclac in its Immediate Edge review.

Immediate Edge is a rather special platform in the blockchain universe. It is very different from traditional exchanges even though it also offers some similar features.

On Immediate Edge, you need to start by entering some information about yourself: your last name, your first name, your phone number, and finally your email address.

On most trading platforms, you are on your own. This is not the case on Immediate Edge. When you register on the platform, a licensed broker in your country will immediately call you on the phone and answer all your questions. Together with you, he will study the possibilities he can offer you according to your profile.

You may need very specific tools such as indicators, indices (such as the fear and greed index and its variants for example), alerts, to execute orders, to observe certain charts, for example to use a trading bot or other algorithm. These are matters that you can discuss directly with the certified broker. It could also be that you have little experience and just want to learn how to use certain tools and understand finances better. You can also get help for this. The customer service on Immediate Edge is therefore the best, you can ask for help 24/7.

To trade with Immediate Edge, you need to invest a minimum of 250 euros. You can invest more if you want.

The KuCoin platform

KuCoin is undoubtedly one of the best platforms in the market on many counts. It is also a very popular platform with over 18 million users in over 200 countries. Signing up to the platform is free and you can keep your account free for as long as you want. To start trading, you need to complete Identity Verification (KYC).

The commissions on Kucoin are quite low, Kucoin is one of the most economical platforms on the market. You do not have to pay any fees to deposit money by bank transfer on the platform and to deposit money by bank card the commission is 1.8%. The trading commissions range from 0.1% to 0.025%. These values ​​depend on the investment volume.

On Kucoin, you can buy a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with over 700 cryptocurrencies available on the platform. KuCoin is therefore one of the platforms with the most assets for sale.

On the interface, Kucoin provides Japanese candlestick charts. It is also possible to view all pending orders and place buy and sell orders. KuCoin offers a web version and a mobile application available on Android and iOS. The interface of the web version and the app are very similar.

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The minor flaw of Kucoin that we noticed is that this platform does not allow you to convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat currency. If you want to get your investment back to get currencies like euros, dollars, Swiss francs or other fiat currencies, you need to transfer your digital assets to another platform.

The service on KuCoin is excellent as the customer support is available 24/7. You can also check the latest crypto news directly on the platform.

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