for primary school the teacher competitions are not full

10:00 am, June 27, 2022

The fear is confirmed. The external teacher competitions, the final results of which were published this week, are not fully booked. In the Paris region, the admission rate has never been so low. With only 424 admitted for 1,430 positions offered in the academy of Versailles, the largest in France, 419 for 1,079 in that of Créteil, and – unprecedented situation – 157 out of 219 in Paris. “We have only filled one in three vacancies in Ile-de-France, it is catastrophic! †alarms Guislaine David, the spokesman for Snuipp-FSU, majority in the first degree. “We have never experienced such shortagesgalore Stéphane Crochet, from SE-Unsa. Until then, 80 to 90% of the places found takers. The crisis is getting acute! †

In the provinces, too, some academies struggle to recruit people: those of Nice (3 vacancies out of 215 offered), Besançon (4 out of 124), Dijon (6 out of 172), Amiens (7 out of 256), Grenoble (11 out of 406), Nancy-Metz (14 out of 264)… Admittedly, very few are missing. And rectors are already planning to draw on the additional lists of other leagues – internal, third way – to compensate. But “this is the first time that not all positions have been filled in different academies, outside of Créteil and Versaillesnotes Jean-Rémi Girard of the National Union of High Schools and Colleges (Snalc). It’s a warning sign.”

There is probably also a lack of teachers in the second grade. The results of the external capes did not all fall, but there were already fewer suitable candidates than positions offered in different disciplines: Mathematics (816 for 1,035 places), German (83 for 215) or Classical (60 to 134)… Some also worry about technology, physics-science or music.

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Loss of attractiveness

Given the admissions in the first degree, the Ministry of Education wants to be rather reassuring: “Outside of Île-de-France, the vast majority of academies have filled all the vacancies offered for competition. Many were even able to compile an additional list.† Results ? “We will have enough teachers to ensure the start of the 2022 school year”† The two additional competitions, organized in the academies of Versailles and Créteil, will also allow reinforcements (results at the beginning of July).

Rue Grenelle puts forward three reasons to explain the teacher shortage. Firstly, the economic recovery, which puts educational functions in competition with other jobs (particularly in the scientific field). Then the reform of the competitions, now passed in the second year of the master (and more in the first year), mechanically reducing the pool of candidates for this session. Finally, it must be recognized that the profession seems to have lost its appeal.

A third of the total workforce is missing

The phenomenon is not new, but it seems to be getting worse. “This is the result of a deliberate policy by the Ministry of salary cuts, deteriorating working conditions, professional disrepute and degradation of initial training”, we analyze at the Snuipp-FSU. Ile-de-France crystallizes the difficulties: “You can’t live with a master’s degree, so bac+5, and a minimum wage of 1.1, in the Paris region”, we summarize at SE-Unsa. In the union’s latest barometer on careers in education, research and culture, only 22% of the employees surveyed would recommend their profession to a young person in their area!

Moreover, the crisis does not only affect teachers. It also affects the workforce who play a vital role in this period of a pandemic. School doctors – 839 holders for more than 12 million students! – also missing: only 16 of the 54 places offered for the 2022 competition would have been filled. “All in all, a third of the total workforce is missing, regrets Claudine Nemausat, of the National Union of School and University Doctors (Snmsu-Unsa). The Covid has exacerbated the feeling of being unwell and accelerated the number of departures. In 2021-2022, we devoted our time to contact tracing, testing and advice about the virus.† Same problem for 7,700 school nurses: 20% would be missing. “We have many open or vacant positions because the broker is ill, on leave or available. Since the Covid crisis, departures have exploded, warns Saphia Guereschi of SNICS-FSU. We are the lowest paid nurses in France! †

Use contractors

To ensure the start of the 2022 school year, the academies therefore use contract workers. The initiatives have multiplied in recent weeks. Such as the much publicized Versailles Academy job dating. “Why not you?”, rector Charline Avenel launched to the candidates. At stake: 2,000 positions, including 700 teachers in schools, 600 in colleges and high schools. Special recruitment campaigns have also sprung up in the academies of Toulouse, Poitiers, Amiens, Paris, Dijon or Strasbourg. With different names, procedures and objectives. In Dijon, for example, the aim is to recruit 30 to 70 teachers in certain secondary disciplines (e.g. engineering, gym, English, music education, classical). In Strasbourg, 15-minute interviews focused solely on finding Franco-German bilingual teachers. In Nancy, 7 teachers were hired to teach a “replacement digital brigade”. They will teach remotely if a teacher is missing in an area that is not attractive.

The share of contract teachers remains modest according to figures from rue Grenelle: 1% in the first grade, 8% in the second. But the new Education Minister Pap Ndiaye has already announced measures on June 14 to improve the situation: their contract is extended until August 30 (which makes it possible not to lose them during the summer holidays); their higher pay in less attractive areas and improved training, from Aug. 23. In the Paris Academy, which plans to employ 250 contract teachers, a training course will be given to beginners 5 days before the start of the school year. The same in Créteil: newcomers start on August 25, a week before the start of the classes. And the elderly will know before the summer holidays whether they will be resumed in September.

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For teachers’ unions this may not be enough, especially to meet the replacement needs that will arise during the year. The SE-UNSA, which issued a social warning this week, is asking that we recruit candidates from the supplementary lists from July, which we will hire urgently and in sufficient numbers of indentured servants, and directly until August 31, 2023. The Snuipp-FSU calls again for “significant wage increases” and “improvement of working conditions such as access to the profession”. De Snalc adds: “A week of training is better than nothing, but still ridiculous when it comes to learning the teaching profession”.

That is why it is necessary to think in the longer term. During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron pledged to spend 6 billion euros on upgrading teachers. This should translate into an increase of about 10% for early career teachers. And reach up to 20% for those who go on the most innovative methods or new missions.

Remuneration and employment conditions will be discussed in the context of the major consultation that will start this autumn. Delays already affecting unions. “We already know what teachers want: higher salaries, better working conditions, trust in them and an end to ever-changing curricula.responds Guislaine David, the spokesman for the Snuipp-FSU. At some point you have to stop thinking and doing.

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