A Roblox competitor with NFTs on the Epic Games Store? Discover Blankos Block Party

News hardware A Roblox competitor with NFTs on the Epic Games Store? Discover Blankos Block Party

After the launch of the Royal Bat GRIT, the Epic Game Store’s first NFT game, the successful gaming platform is repeating itself by announcing its second game, including non-replaceable tokens. Blankos Block Party, an NFT game that looks like Roblox with web3 sauce, will be launched on the Epic Games Store very soon.

Blankos Block Party, the new NFT game in the Epic Games store

Epic Games has announced the launch of their second NFT game on the platform: Blankos Block Party

The game is an open world MMO, similar to Roblox or Little Big Planet. In this dynamic 3D game, you have the opportunity to build your own levels and discover other players’ minigames to compete against your friends. The level editor is intended to be intuitive so that creators can easily create their minigames, with no coding required.

The major difference from a Roblox, in addition to aesthetics, is that the game integrates the blockchain to collect avatar skins or NFT cosmetics of varying rarity.

Thanks to this technology, you are the sole owner of the consumables, unlike Fortnite and other games where the platform is the sole owner. Therefore, if the game or the platform closes, you can say goodbye to your skins… In short, on Blankos, the “EOSIO” blockchain allows you to store and exchange your consumables outside the game or even by selling to other players on a large number of NFT marketplaces.

However, if you don’t want to spend your money on buying a skin, keep in mind that the game includes a P2E “play-to-earn” system. The purpose of this game mechanic is to reward players with cosmetics in NFT.

So the promise delivered is that if you’re pretty good at the game, you can easily earn crypto, and therefore money, by reselling your skins.

A funny job…

For now, the game is available in Early Access on PC and MAC via the game’s website.

Indeed, Blankos Block Party has not waited to be available on the Epic Games Stores to become a huge success as Mythical Games, the game publisher, claims to have recorded over a million players in total before this date.

Mythical Games: The Rise of the New Game Studio Web3

The emerging market for these types of blockchain-based games is shedding light on new video game studios.

Mythical Games is one of the new pioneers in the industry. The studio supports renowned brands and developers in creating games around the blockchain. In particular, the publisher has raised 142 million euros from prestigious investors such as Michael Jordan or the investment subsidiary of the NFL. In addition to Blankos Block Party, Mythical Games is currently working on NFL Rivals, an NFL-exclusive NFT game.

Although it is a pioneer in the blockchain video game market, Mythical Games, after this long-standing partnership with Epic Games, is not the only platform to offer its innovative games…

Epic Games, the “NFT Friendly” Platform

Tim Sweeney’s platform is not his first attempt since a few weeks ago, the Epic Games Store hosted his first game including NFTs: the battle royale GRIT from publisher GALA Games.

A golden opportunity for these new studios, providing visibility to approximately 194 million users through the Epic Games store.

This first step into web3 games is surprising considering that the boss of Epic Games was suspicious of NFTs a few months earlier.

John Linden, founder of mythical Games, explains that the platform remains as cautious as ever. To back up his point, he claims to have worked and negotiated with Epic Games for several months now.

“Epic Games went back and forth with partial skepticism and all that, and for good reason,” said John Linden, founder of Mythical Games.

Reassuring news for players, let’s imagine that Epic Games studies every request drop by drop and integrates this type of game when the gameplay shows promise.

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