What is the Metaverse and why is it in the call now?

In the age of the metaverse, we are meant to enter the internet in three dimensions instead of participating in two dimensions as we do today. Once, applications such as: between twins apk would also be available in the metaverse and all players would certainly rate all new impressions. But what is it actually, how does it work and why is it now in the call?

What is the Metaverse?

Because there is no metaverse yet, it is still relatively difficult to explain. There is also no general idea of ​​what exactly a metaverse will contain, and visions differ between companies.

Some of the companies that have presented visions and solutions related to the metaverse are:

  • Microsoft
  • Nvidia
  • Epic games and
  • Meta, which used to be called Facebook.

Meta describes the Metaverse on its website as follows: Metaverse is a series of virtual environments where you can create and explore with others who are not in the same physical location as you.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also said the company’s overall goal is to help create a metaverse.

And it is not only in the West that significant investments are being made in the metaverse, but also in Chinese companies such as

  • Tencent
  • Bytedance (owners of Tiktok) and
  • Alibaba is on the train.

While much remains unclear so far, it’s possible to think of the Metaverse as a sequel to today’s internet. There we are expected to enter the internet in three dimensions instead of participating in two dimensions as we do today.

It is also clear that the metaverse is not one location or platform, but rather many 3D worlds where everything happens in real time, everyone can connect and the changes are permanent.

Why is it called Metaverse?

The word metavers comes from the word meta which means further, and the universe. Translated directly, it means beyond the universe.

What is the origin of the metaverse?

The term metaverse originates from the novel Snow Crash written in 1992. In Neil Stephenson’s book, the metaverse is a three-dimensional world in a virtual reality where people seek protection from the dystopian reality.

Second Life can also be considered an early example of a metaverse. It is a huge virtual world with sea and land online that was very popular in the late 2000s.

Users are represented by avatars who can move freely around the world and meet, chat, build houses and do business. Second Life is also a social media.

Why is it in the call now?

One of the reasons is that major tech companies have embraced the concept. This has made the metaverse a buzzword and a phenomenon that many are interested in.

Another reason is technical development. AR and VR headsets and smart glasses keep getting better. Cloud and edge computing can run all the advanced applications needed, and 5G can provide fast enough access even when you’re not at home.

Add in the development of AI and new technologies to track eye, hand and facial movements needed to feel natural to interact with other avatars in virtual worlds.

What are you doing in the metaverse?

Much of what you can do in real life life can also be made in the metaverseboth in leisure and work.

Instead of digital meetings in Teams or Zoom where you share documents with each other, you can sit in virtual meeting rooms with colleagues all over the world.

There you can walk between different rooms and communicate, draw and talk with colleagues in real time. For example, maybe all notes are visible on a bulletin board instead of ending up in a folder somewhere.

Maybe remote working could also be a lot of fun if we meet and toast in a virtual space, instead of those dry 2d digital AWs that many employers tried at the start of the pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could Metaverse be suitable for shopping?

Yes, in the short term perhaps the most likely use is shopping. For example, you can scan your body in 3D and try on new clothes at home.

Is the metaverse related to the NFT?

Not only are physical items purchased, but NFTs (non-fungible tokens) can also become great merchandise, such as clothes to decorate your digital avatar.

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