“Travel Tech”: The New Business Opportunity for the Tourism Industry

With the Travel Tech, airlines, tour operators, travel agencies and hospitality and transportation professionals can meet all the current expectations of their large customer base with one click.

The online travel industry is changing. New services appear, new products are launched on the world market. Competitiveness at this level is not over yet. Indeed, digital is certainly one of the means that tourists use most to find a destination that meets their expectations and to live a unique travel experience. Today, vacationers and tourists want to quickly find a dream destination, travel faster, with the maximum comfort possible at very good prices. Digital represents a significant opportunity in the post-Covid tourism ecosystem, especially for accommodation providers, travel agents, experience makers, guides and all tourism stakeholders. By implementing innovative technology tools, Travel Tech enables airlines, tour operators, travel agents, and hospitality and transportation professionals to meet all current expectations of their large customer base with one click.

New technologies are present at all levels of the leisure and vacation sphere, from administrations dealing with tourism to event entrepreneurs managing business travel and team building activities, to travel consultants. Digital technology has revolutionized the tourism industry in recent years. The internet has become the largest tourist agency in the world and is accessible every day and every hour. There are more and more original travel and accommodation formulas, the majority of which are supported by technology players. Added to this are a multitude of players and start-ups who are revolutionizing the industry by developing tailor-made alternatives to traditional offerings. “Resolutely in line with the times and looking to the future, the National Confederation of Tourism is committed to supporting the digital acceleration and sustainable performance of Moroccan tourism, making it more connected and thus more competitive,” explains the CNT. the first “Travel Tech Morocco” forum on June 17.

It’s about empowering technology companies to better understand the needs of tourism and hospitality leaders. Integrating new technologies at the service of travel and hospitality to encourage the creation of start-ups specializing in travel through partner incubators is thus a priority that the CNT has emphasized thanks to this new generation event that it organizes. TOURIST OFFICE. For Hamid Bentaher, President of the National Confederation of Tourism, “Today’s keywords are to co-create, innovate and connect Moroccan tourism leaders with the talents of national and international Travel Tech. Thus, this event strengthens the competitiveness of players and destinations and strengthens business-to-business activity between the two communities to develop a true commercial and distribution ecosystem”.

This event, aimed at members of the confederation and their managers and experts responsible for distribution, revenue management, digital and information systems, aimed to forge a stronger, more inclusive and more creative industry by connecting the territories with their different talents. Personal travel assistant, individual linking portal, online air ticket booking platform, rental, package stay sales site, meta aggregator, new visual identity and new look, advertising campaign on the networks social media, mobile applications, smartphone or tablet, virtual tours, fast messaging… Travel Tech today offers possibilities for revolutionary and multiple user experiences.

How can today’s technology help promote our destinations, manage online distribution through the power of technology, the right content and visibility, the right conversion, through the right technology… so many questions were answered during this first forum by the Moroccan and international experts. Online distribution, information systems, big data, artificial intelligence, predictive marketing, e-distribution, e-tourism, e-reputation… new technologies through Travel Tech give a big edge to everyone who uses them, helping many tourism companies to differentiate itself from the competition to establish itself in this important market.

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