The punch line of the New School final (SPOILERS)

Following Belgian rapper Fresh La Peufra’s victory in the final over Elyon and Leys, here are the best punchlines from the New School final.

For three weeks and the release of the first episodes of Nouvelle Ecole, those diligently following the Netflix show have only one question in mind: who will be the big winner of the French version of the Rhythm + Flow telehook? On this Thursday, June 23, 2022, the final will be available in full on the streaming platform and we can give you the answer… But for that flashback.

Nouvelle Ecole is a rap competition produced for Netflix for latecomers. The field? Niska, Shay and SCH, the three judges are looking for THE nugget to be carried on his shoulders, the next generation of French-language rap. Armed with their respective charisma, our three friends then set out to find those they considered to be the best rap talents in their respective strongholds: Marseille for the S, Paris and its suburbs for the biggest Charo in the game and Brussels (and Belgium for the broad sense of the word). ) for the beautiful bitch.

After an initial list of 24 candidates, fourteen have joined the first official class of Nouvelle Ecole. All these beautiful people successively participated in freestyles, cyphers, rap battles, clip production and finally live performances. And when every event rained the punchlines, only the best could claim to make it to the final four. The competition was tough, but at the gates of the final there were only three left, Leys, Fresh La Peufra and Elyon.

The exercise for the final is simple: each of the candidates will have to shine in a live performance of a piece recorded in the studio for the occasion. Obviously, several criteria are taken into account: the quality of the track, its potential in the charts, the presence on stage of the MC, its staging and its overall performance. The best performer will be crowned the winner of the New School class of 2022 and will immediately receive a €100,000 kichta. A good jackpot with which the chosen one can definitely launch his career. But enough talk, on to the results.

And the winner is….

Fresh Lapeufra! The juries have decided. Confronted with the blazing performance of Leys and his track “Parabellum” and Elyon’s gripping artistic performance on “To die Tomorrow”, it is finally the indestructible energy of Fresh La Peufra and his street hit “Chop”, produced by Belgian beatmaker Le Motif who have won the favor of SCH, Shay and Niska. Now that the verdict has been passed and in anticipation of a possible second season of Nouvelle Ecole, we round up the best punchlines from this finale.

  • Niska : “100,000 euros, if you don’t insure, I don’t know when you will insure in your life”
  • Fianso “Make no mistake, don’t make music to please the company, to please the record companies, to please other artists and to fit into this game. Give people a good time because you are artists “and you were born for it”
  • leys : “No one is like me, not like my comrades” – “ parabellum »
  • leys : “I remember that the blows of love make noise, but no one is ever around” – ” parabellum »
  • leys : “Tell yourself that some wounds can never be healed” – “ parabellum »

  • Elyon : “I don’t even know if my tears are real or if it’s for the image” – ” dead tomorrow »
  • Elyon : “I want to be the artist of the century to beat myself up while waiting for death” – “ dead tomorrow »
  • Elyon : “I mix the rumor of remorse and the wrath of dead rats” – “ dead tomorrow »
  • Elyon : “I am strong as ever, that is the power of tears” – ” dead tomorrow »

  • Fresh Lapeufra : “What I have done, good or bad, I have done out of love” – ​​” heel »
  • Fresh Lapeufra : “I’m not waiting for the “I love you”, I’m waiting for my pay” – ” heel »
  • Fresh Lapeufra : “We know the hassle, we grew up with it” – “ heel »
  • Fresh Lapeufra : “We think better when there is more money” – “ heel »
  • Fresh Lapeufra : “I pose, I put them in PLS, Black mafia I am in BMF” – “ heel »
  • Fresh Lapeufra : “Gotta get it, in the biz, 100k must serve me well” – “ heel »

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