Puisaye-Forterre music, dance and theater school finds “ambition”

Attached to “discovery courses” and “never lose sight of education”, the School of Music, Dance and Theater of Puisaye-Forterre (EMDTPF) plays more liberated, chasing an exhausting period of health crisis and its cascade of misfortunes. “Two and a half years of disruption” that had to be endured. “This school year, before March, we had practically not gone out. And all the previous school year we had done nothing,” recalls director Nathalie Théron. “The teachers had made a quick adjustment and were confronted with video lessons, when it is not their training at all. The music is a priori comparable to live performance. But in general, despite the network problems in Puisaye-Forter, everything worked.”

“Fast in numbers”

The structure draws “positive things, through teaching aids that teachers have been able to appropriate”. And by recording, the students were able to develop their “self-correction”.

After a return to school in 2020 “without sight”, “we thought we saw the light of day” in 2021, the director sums up. Sanitary pass and concerts canceled over Christmas came to overwhelm members’ motivation, now in better dispositions. “Temporarily, we started to try it all again, without throwing ourselves into ambitious projects so as not to be disappointed. We went out again, giving concerts and setting up projects.”

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“Guitars make spring” in Saint-Privé in March, the 400th birthday of Jean de la Fontaine celebrated in November 2021 by the guitar and flute lessons, and sonata concerts in Thury in March 2022, move in the direction of this embellishment. In the same way as the Academy “Au fil desâmes” in April, with the violinists of the Paris Opera Éric Lacrouts and Anne-Lise Durantel. And on Wednesday, June 22, there was a concert in Toucy, the return in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye of some fifty dancers and a live guitar performance in Bouhy.

Before Covid, the school of twenty teachers had 250 students, instead of 200 during. Nathalie Théron confirms a “skyrocking in numbers”, which amounts to more than 300 registered. The revival encourages the EMDTPF to “have ambition” and act again in “transversality”, from dance to song. Enough to mobilize all workplaces, as by The Indians are in the westin 2018.

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“Surfew Where Lessons Begin”

Only the harmonies will be “highly affected by the Covid”. Between impossible gatherings and “curfews where classes begin”, it’s not easy to work in serenity. “The teachers took it very badly and it exhausted the parents,” the director said. Determined to “relaunch the machine with the amateur companies of the area” and “take projects out of the drawers”.

Requests. For the coming school year, Nathalie Théron had rarely seen such excitement. “Long time homebound, children and families want to do more activities. We have more students. I also observe the neo-rural phenomenon, which brings us a new audience, even in the middle of the year.”

registry. Currently, in the midst of a re-registration campaign until July 11, the EMDTPF will open registrations from 12. not too late. Places remain available for, for example, clarinet, cello, brass, guitar. Such an.

EAO† The school is a partner of the national Orchester à l’école system, in particular with the Saint-Fargeau Primary School Association.

Some dates. June 29: saxophone ensemble and small band concert in Charny (multi-purpose hall). July 4: live ensembles, in the church of Égleny. “They repeat two and a half years,” laughs Nathalie Théron. The school plans open days on September 3 in Toucy, in Courson, and to participate in the Festival of Associations in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye (58).

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