First Doodles fundraiser and new collaboration

While the cryptocurrency universe has been declining for months, NFTs seem to go unnoticed. As cryptos make headlines, digital assets continue their journey and grow a little more every day. While some believe that NFTs have shown their full potential, doodles casts a denial on these opinions with its new collaborations.

Pharrell Williams Joins NFT Collection Board of Directors doodles

Pharrell Williams is an artist that needs no introduction. As the author of many successful hits, he has been making people dance for decades. With numerous collaborations to his name, he enjoys worldwide and above all positive fame. If one of his friends recently started working on the metaverse, the integration of the singer in Web3 is not surprising.

Indeed, the extension of Web3, the metaverse and NFTs piques the curiosity of many people. Like cryptos, NFTs have found their way into everyday life. For example, we see more and more celebrities stepping into this sector. Between Madonna, Snoop Dogg and many more, these assets are getting a little more popular every day. Pharrell’s involvement is therefore no surprise when you see all the enthusiasm they create around them.

For the company, the arrival of Pharrell Williams in the management of the collection will not only revolutionize the music industry, but also a Web3 approach to music. According to the founders, the singer is a big believer in harnessing the power of Web3. This collaboration will therefore make it possible to achieve the core objective of: doodles that’s building the world’s largest, yet most loved Web3 multimedia brand.

Remember, it’s not just celebrities who are joining the movement, brands have joined too. the first part of Files doodles will be released soon, in conjunction with a unit of Sony Corp Group SONY, Columbia Records and Pharrell. Many recording stars are expected on this album. The latter will also present the album covers of Toast Brûlé, the co-founder of doodles† In addition, former Billboard chairman Julien Holguin will join the team as CEO.

Alexis Ohanian makes the first fundraiser of doodles

For several years now, NFTs have been trying to find a place in the markets. After several collections, doodles debuts in October 2021. With its colorful and eye-catching graphics, the collection is quickly gaining popularity in the industry, becoming one of the best-selling products based on secondary sales and rock bottom price. Currently, doodles has total sales of over $500 million and ranks #13 in NFT collections.

Thanks to his many collaborations, the sales volume of the collection exploded. She sees a 996% increase in sales in the last 24 hours. Thus, the first fundraiser organized by Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, achieved its stated goals. The latter’s main mission is to develop the growth and intellectual evolution of the collection.

For Holguin, Ohanian and Seven Seven Six are perfect partners for the collection. According to him, the company only works with people and brands who share their values ​​and who encourage them to always go the extra mile. For example, by transforming the next digital frontier of entertainment. To ensure it achieves the goals it has set itself, the collection also plans to partner with Katelin Holloway as a consultant. And thanks to the partnership with Shopify, holders and non-holders can buy the new products in the collection in “the gm store”.

NFT collections are becoming increasingly important. To stand out and leave an indelible mark on the sector, doodles works every day to improve its technology. To do this, the company surrounds itself with people who share its values ​​and have the same vision. Between Pharrell, Ohanian and Holguin, doodles undoubtedly writes a new page in its history.

Source: ThePressFree

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