fine for parents who withdraw their children too early

Summer has begun and summer vacation is coming. But despite the summer temperatures, kids have to wait until July 7 to bury their school bag in a closet. As the end of the school year gets later and later, many parents want to pick their children up from school early. Do they have the right?

Who isn’t more tempted to go on vacation than everyone else? It is possible if you pick up your children from school before July 7 this year. In this way you are ahead of all other holidaymakers on the road, at campsites and amusement parks. This is interesting! Every year many families allow themselves this premature departure without worrying about the National Education. Sanctions do apply in the event of unauthorized absences. However, premature vacations are not considered a valid reason for absence to date. So what about all this? Can we pick up our children from school before the end of classes and what are the risks? This is what we will see in this article.

Families who want to go on holiday for everyone

Many families want to be the first to go on holiday. By sacrificing a few school days, they avoid traffic jams and gain access to sometimes lower rents. In addition, they benefit from low attendance at amusement parks, campsites and on beaches. In short, leaving earlier on holiday only has advantages. But what are the consequences for these parents who take their children out of school before the official end date of school?

As you know, school is compulsory from 3 years. And until age 16, so is the rise. That is, all school children from kindergarten to high school are required to attend scheduled classes. Unless they’re on leave.

A withdrawal of students before the end date of classes constitutes an unauthorized absence. However, the article of the education code states that: “When a child temporarily misses class, the responsible persons must inform the director of the educational institution without delay about the reasons for this absence”† Among the reasons that can justify an absence are illnesses, a transport problem, a solemn family reunification and following the legal representatives outside school holidays. In any other case, the absence is considered unjustified. “Any other reason for absence can be reviewed and investigated. † specifies the National Education on its website. After all, early departure on holiday is not a valid reason for absence, even if this is confirmed by a reservation receipt.

School: Unauthorized absences can lead to sanctions

For those who nevertheless decide to take their children out of school before the official departure date, the law provides for sanctions. About this Service Public said: “In the event of repeated absences, whether legitimate or not, the school director will contact you to make an inventory of your child’s situation. †

In concrete terms, the school director must notify the Academic Director of the National Education Services after four half-days of absence of the pupil. The parents risk a fine of 135 euros. And if it is estimated that these absences hinder the education of children, the fine could be up to 30,000 euros and two years in prison. In fact, we all know that education is not compromised if school children miss the very last days of school. During these last hours of class, the programs are normally completed and the students take advantage of these moments to have fun and perform various activities. This is why the families affected by these early holidays are only very rarely, if ever, sanctioned. Very often school leaders do not warn DASEN when a child misses the last week of school.

However, teachers ask parents who want to go on holiday early to inform the school. This way they know that this absence is not due to a family or health problem. “If some families have to be absent for family reasons for the last two days, it is better to say and discuss that in advance. † said Stéphane Crochet, the general secretary of the UNSA teachers’ union.

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