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Laurent Pignot, a graduate of Montpellier Business School and Paris 1-Sorbonne, with experience in the world of banking and insurance, has such a passion for cryptocurrencies that one day he wants to launch a medium dedicated to the popularization of these alternative assets . What attracts this lover of sports and gastronomy? As a good representative of his generation, the decentralized and disintermediated dimension of these currencies. What drives it? Adrenaline is linked to the investing game.

The cryptosphere is full of bright news every day. To keep you up to date with the most important information about this sector, I have summarized for you the essence of the most important news of the past few days.

  • binance, the leading cryptocurrency platform by volume, announced that: the French are no longer allowed to open positions on derivatives from August 2 (leverage, options, futures, double investment) to meet AMF requirements. Note that this ban has already taken place in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. An announcement that comes in France a few weeks after the company obtained its status as PSAN (Digital Asset Service Providers) in France.
  • ProSharesa leading ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) issuer, has launched its first ETF for short bitcoin (BITI ticker). A new product that offers investors the opportunity of exposure to the digital currency for those who want to position themselves for sale on the BTC. Keep in mind that this decision comes because the cryptocurrency has already fallen by almost 70% since its peak in November 2021.
  • CircleThe US company and issuer of the dollar-pegged stablecoin USDC (one of the most important stablecoins in terms of capitalization), announced that it is launching a stablecoin pegged to the euro called the EUROC. Paradoxically, it would initially only be available to the US market from June 30 on major exchange platforms such as FTX or Binance.US. The company says EUROC will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain first before expanding to other blockchains. This is a strong signal to the European Union, perhaps not to give Uncle Sam’s country control over the old continent’s single currency 3.0.
  • We stay in stablecoins, with to tiethe issuance company of the stablecoin USDT (the main stablecoin by capitalization) based in the British Virgin Islands, which said it would be launched next month a stablecoin pegged to the British pound. An announcement that comes after regulators across the Channel plan to legislate and regulate crypto assets to become a “global crypto hub”.
  • Vuelingthe Spanish airline, has announced it will accept bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies as a means of payment from 2023. To do this, the company has partnered with one of the leading crypto payment infrastructure providers, Bitpay, to accept bitcoin and the like. Vueling thus becomes the first low-cost airline in Europe to announce that it accepts digital assets as a means of payment.
  • eBaythe global e-commerce platform, has revealed that it has acquired the KnownOrigin NFT marketplace based in the UK for an undisclosed fee. An announcement that comes just weeks after the company launched its first collection of sports-themed “Genesis” NFTs. eBay, which enabled more than $87 billion in gross product volume last year, could bolster this bustling ecosystem a little more with this buyout.
  • We stay in the NFT atmosphere with the Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldowhich announced it has signed an exclusive multi-year agreement with Binance to launch a collection of NFTs on the platform’s marketplace. This collection will feature exclusive designs that will allow the player to shine even more off the field. It’s also an opportunity for speculators and fans of the five-time Golden Ball to get their hands on an emblematic piece of sports history in Web3 sauce.
  • We close this “NFT” section with metaInstagram’s parent company, which has announced testing with the NFT on Instagram Stories through the Spark AR augmented reality platform. In this regard, Marck Zuckerberg mentioned the following: We’re expanding our test to allow more creators around the world to post their NFTs on Instagram” and “Creators and collectors will be able to share their digital collectibles on Facebook and Instagram after we roll out the feature on Facebook with select US creators at a later date.” NFTs are spreading across all industries and the tech giants across the Atlantic seem eager to seize the opportunity to become an integral part of Web3.
  • Let’s end this Crypto Recap with a unusual news. Some addiction treatment centers have opened the door for crypto addicts. From Switzerland, via the United Kingdom and the United States, these centers offer: rehab for crypto-compulsive for amounts ranging from $5,000 to $125,000 per week. Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland has developed a whole program to deal with “cryptocurrency addiction for people addicted to trading, spread betting and trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & Litecoin.“The implementation of these treatments proves that some investors make irrational decisions with disproportionate positions that endanger their mental health. The ability to remember to invest quietly and in a ratio that will not jeopardize your savings, especially in a market as volatile as crypto assets.

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