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The idea of ​​sharing in a virtual world through technology seems to appeal to the public. The idea of ​​the metaverse being all the same together is also a new way of recycling like Meta (former Facebook).

Like social networks, the Metaverse has excellent tendencies as a dark side. The news shows us that this virtual world has its very useful side as well as its dark side. Let’s see what the Metaverse and VR headsets offer, a new way to see the world.

Either through virtual reality by intervening in the heart of a new space, or through augmented reality by proposing new ways of processing data. Let’s see together what the Metaverse has been hiding from us for the past few days.

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Eric Esnault: The Metaverse offers the opportunity to exploit very unobtrusive data

One of the big points that the Metaverse will be able to bring up is the theme of knowledge and culture. Where the screens and the search for information have softened the brain, the virtual will make it possible to make efforts by immersing oneself in the heart of artificial intelligence. When we search for information these days, we simply expect an answer without necessarily reasoning.

The Metaverse offers the discovery of spaces in the world. So, these opportunities will be opportunities for a public seeking knowledge to learn about particular places.

By being able to explore in great detail countries such as the Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu, the Metaverse implicitly offers the study of its places where details may have escaped scientists. Enough to track down novelties and recreate the era of time.

Eric Esnault: Augmented reality: a new marketing weapon for companies

Putting on a VR headset and experiencing your adventure or future purchase journey in advance is a unique personal experience. These are also the good sides of the Metaverse. Being able to plan your next vacation by discovering new horizons could simply boost the tourist offer.

It’s equally helpful to observe a brand’s latest tracksuit or pair of sneakers in detail. In the context of commercial relationships and the provision of goods and services, augmented reality is a deadly weapon of seduction.

She pushes brands to achieve perfection so sales can excel in the field. The Metaverse is therefore a huge virtual influencing tool for the future.

Eric Esnault: Virtual reality and the upheaval of ethical and social codes

Some less fun ideas caused quite a stir this week. Sexual harassment is a disturbing phenomenon that is rising to the heart of the Metaverse. Although reality is virtual, it shows that certain boundaries cannot be framed for the time being. Much more virtually caused in certain individuals to be able to exceed the limits.

What some call intimidation results in a shower of male avatars that annoy young virtual girls. Would the Metaverse stimulate animal behavior that grows up in society. This question de facto poses a different reality? That perhaps from law-making and regulation at the heart of artificial intelligence.

The Novelty of the Week: Nurturing Your Offspring in the Heart of the Metaverse

For the pessimists who are afraid to take on fatherhood and motherhood in a real way, the Metaverse may be the opportunity to have quintuplets.

A pleasant and less frustrating idea in the uncertain world we live in. It’s no joke, artificial intelligence is preparing for this step. If the idea may seem brilliant, it is physically confronted with new limitations. Won’t the lack of contact change behavior in society indefinitely?

The Metaverse Challenge offers some great stuff, like surreal. However, this new form of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. It is necessary to know whether data collection will be as promising as with Google technology. Meanwhile, we are only at the beginning and developments could be announced sooner than expected.

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