Digitization of solutions: from brand protection to NFTs, how EDGYN is revolutionizing digital authentication.

Anti-counterfeiting and digitization

pTo begin with, one must understand that counterfeiting today extends to medical, pharmaceutical, luxury, automotive, food and even cosmetic products. It is therefore crucial to use secure authentication solutions that are 100% reliable. Edgyn, formerly Arjo Solutions, has 20 years of historical know-how – as a holding company for Impala, a major French industrial group. The company is now developing innovative anti-fraud strategies that are drastically focused on digitization. Today, the company is a reference thanks to its portfolio of solutions and above all thanks to its digital fingerprint solutions, such as Adfirmia™: the fingerprint of the consumer product.

This whole range of solutions allows brands to respond to their gray market or counterfeit problems. EDGYN provides secure digital protection at every stage, from supply chains to distribution – especially for key industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverage and luxury.

A biometric solution to protect brands and products

Adfirmia™, the biometric solution developed by Edgyn, is a printout of the product, it gives a unique code specific to each product of the material of each product, the key in all this: this solution adds nothing to the product. It creates a unique identifier for each product.

Specifically, where brand protection used ink, holograms and security labels 5 years ago, EDGYN has succeeded in digitizing this sector by replacing these elements with its Adfirmia™ solution. Brands protected by EDGYN, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, luxury products… use a smartphone to verify the authenticity and origin of their product.

The digitization of control technologies makes it possible to:

  • To make checking easier:
  • To open authentication to external persons: healthcare professionals, patients, consumers, etc.
  • Data access and control by industrial groups

For example, the Royal Canadian Mint – Royal Canadian Mint – voted the best coin in the world – protects its investment coins with “Bullion DNA” technology, based on EDGYN’s fingerprint solution. For more than 6 years, the Canadian currency has opted for a digital solution to protect its coins. From now on, the fight against counterfeiting is also moving towards digitization.

Connected products for better traceability – the way to NFT

No one missed the NFT tree, but to establish the link between a product and its digital passport, or its NFT, the use of QR code, NFT and other codes has been the norm until now. Nevertheless, these codes are and can be reproduced, deactivated, unreadable. What then becomes of the digital doppelganger of the product?

By implementing its Adfirmia™ fingerprint solution, EDGYN makes it possible to create a unique, irrefutable, non-duplicable product digital ID. Here too, luxury brands stick to this concept: add nothing to the product, trace, connect the product!

And finally a question of transparency for brands

The Yuka outbreak clearly shows the interest of consumers in consumption, scanning a code by this consumer application allows to collect a first level of information: the ingredients, the rating, the consumer’s opinions, etc. ; nevertheless, EDGYN lets brands go further, this company provides manufacturers with a general public application including product information: expiration date, authenticity, production batch, place of production, etc.

This kind of more secure approach opens the way to many very interesting applications… Applications in security, in marketing, with real proof of authenticity to the consumer. In addition to offering an identity, connected, tracked, verified and protected products offer exclusive services. First of all, they provide practical information in use. They then integrate into a connected world with obtaining a certificate for each. Digitization thus contributes greatly to the transfer of information and guarantees for brands and products. This unique technology proving the authenticity, ownership and warranty by certificates will provide consumers with immense reassurance.

A French company with international influence

EDGYN is indeed a French nugget whose technical development is carried out entirely in Chambéry, nevertheless EDGYN today represents implementations on an international scale: “From Asia to North America, and mainly in Europe, EDGYN covers the protection brands, consumers, their products from France , and thanks to a network of integrators and key partners, the latest of which is Antares Vision Group, an international leader in traceability,” said Aurélien TIGNOL, Managing Director of EDGYN.

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