A Catholic school without a contract wants to establish itself in rue de Chartres in Perray-en-Yvelines

An out-of-contract Catholic school could open its doors at 33, rue de Chartres, in Perray-en-Yvelines. (©78nieuws)

For a few days, the uproar has been going on: an out-of-contract Catholic school wants to establish itself in the center of the Perray-en-Yvelines

The Catholic school outside Pastoureaux’s contract particularly attracted attention with his job offer for a teacher from kindergarten on the social network facebook

Geoffroy Bax de Keating has been contacted. The mayor has informed the city council and those present about this Thursday 23 June 2022

An installation in exchange for work

” De Street of Chartres 33 is a very nice site that has potential”, argued the mayor.

He continues: “We would like to create a second natural walking area that would complete the park in the city center (opposite the town hall, editor’s note). †

This site was occupied by the Sint-Jacobs Hospital until 2018. Owned by nuns, the municipality enjoys it through a ground lease† For example, it can rent out properties to third parties. This is exactly the scenario where this catholic school

“We have a building that is not alive and in a bad condition”, Geoffroy Bax de Keating notes.

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In particular, the improvement of electrical standards and accessibility to meet the public needs to be carried out. But the municipality does not have the resources necessary for the revalidation off the building.

For example, the school would undertake to to work to house four classes.

Of 15 students maximum per lesson, these are 60 children who could come back as soon as possible? Sep 2022

A school that is not unanimous

If at this time the rent isn’t signed, it won’t take long. A duration of three years, which can be extended by two years, is currently preferred. The rent should yield approximately € 500 per month for the town hall, in addition to the renovation works. Without works, the basis of the rent is estimated at 2000 €.

This option is not appealing at all opposition† “We believe that this kind oftraditional catholic school has no place in Perray-en-Yvelines,” protest members of the opposition.

“The administration and the teachers have a vocation to be the first daily witnesses of God’s love and have the mission to make the students experience the virtues and Christian values ​​​​on a daily basis. The spiritual dimension is an integral part of school life: morning prayer, grace, prayer intentions”, we can read in particular in the charter from school.

“The school is in contact with the pastor of Perray and the bishop, who cannot be suspected of being fundamentalists,” said Pierre-Emmanuel de Germay, councilor for the majority.

And the opposition recalls the obligations attached to the long lease: “use places of a social and intergenerational nature for the benefit of the elderly and young”.

She is also concerned about appearance cancelled of the building to house children.

As such, Geoffroy Bax informs de Keating: “the signing of the lease will be done with a cancellation clause”.

Because if the work is indeed carried out, it will first be necessary to check the safety to welcome the public and get the consent of theacademic inspection† If all these elements were not met, the lease would lapse.

It should be noted that other schools have contacted City Hall. One of them demanded tuition fees of € 700 per month, which the municipality did not like.

If multiple answers have been given to the opposition, it opposes the installation of this one educational institution

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