With One, Zoom unifies its collaboration portfolio

The video conferencing specialist is consolidating its collaboration platform within the Zoom One offering. It includes video, chat, interactive whiteboard and calling. Different rate plans are offered.

The move from an application to a platform is happening for Zoom, which has just unveiled several developments in this direction. For example, the publisher presented Zoom One, which brings together chat, telephony, meeting and whiteboard functionalities in one special environment. Users of this solution can access Zoom’s collaboration and communication tools and perform a variety of actions, such as making phone or video calls from an instant message or collaborating on a whiteboard from a desktop, Zoom, or meeting room.

In a statement announcing the launch, Greg Tomb, president of Zoom Video Communications since June 7, said the introduction of a solution like Zoom One clearly marks the evolution from the meeting application to a communications platform. “By bringing chat, telephony, meetings, whiteboard and more into one package, we can provide our customers with easy-to-manage solutions so they can focus on the business issues that matter most.” tomb. †

Different rate plans

Zoom One offers customers six subscription options, including Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise versions.

– The One Basic version offers free access to 40-minute Zoom meetings for up to 100 participants, always-on Chat for team messaging, limited Whiteboard for synchronous and asynchronous work, and real-time transcription.

– The One Pro version gives access to all functions of One Basic without meeting time limits, with the addition of cloud recording.

– The One Business version gives access to all previous offers, but the maximum number of meeting participants is increased to 300 and the number of whiteboards is unlimited.

-The One Business Plus version gives access to all previous offers, plus unlimited regional calls with Phone Pro and the latest translation feature.

– The One Enterprise and One Enterprise Plus editions provide access to everything One Business has to offer with increased participant capacity and additional features, such as webinars, to help modern businesses evolve. One Enterprise Plus also includes unlimited regional calling from Zoom Phone Pro.

As of today, One Basic, Pro, Business and Business Plus subscriptions are available for €139.90 excl. VAT per year/user, €189.90 excl. VAT per year/user and €220 excl. VAT per year/user respectively. . Please note that it is possible to expand certain capacities by subscribing to optional subscriptions.

Subtitles and multilingual translation

One Business Plus and One Enterprise Plus subscription users have access to two-way translated captions. Subtitles can be translated between Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian from launch. Zoom has also expanded its automatic captioning system, which in real-time subtitles what a speaker is saying in the same language that is spoken, to 10 additional languages. Previously, automatic captioning was available in English, but now it can be displayed in all 10 languages ​​available for simultaneous interpretation. Multilingual automated captioning is available on Business Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus plans. The feature will be available soon with other plans.

An SDK for Zoom apps

The publisher also announced that access to its Zoom Apps developer program is open to all developers through the Apps SDK. The latter provides developers with the resources and support needed to build applications within the Zoom platform. This SDK allows developers to publish their app through the publisher’s marketplace. Zoom says that more than 100 applications have been published by partner developers on this marketplace to date. “With the launch of Apps SDK, the Developer Platform continues to expand and empower them to integrate video communication and collaboration into their creations, transforming business workflows forever,” Zoom CTO Brendan Ittelson said in a statement.

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