Become a Development Manager – Job Description, Training and Salary

Duties of the Business Development Manager

le development manager aims to amplify the impact of sales teams in the field. After all, he is responsible for achieving their quantitative and qualitative objectives. With this in mind, the development manager, or business developer, designs programs and tools for:sales help† He collects the recommendations of the sales department, analyzes the actions of the representatives in direct contact with the customers and translates them into action plans, which can increase the company’s results and turnover. He will also expectation new customers and a source of proposals to achieve the stated goals. And why not exceed them. As a strategist, the business development manager will also detect new market opportunities, always with the aim of:increase the revenue of his company.

At the same time, he uses information contained in advertising programs and merchandising plans to write sales pitches used by the sales force. Monitoring sector activity and competitors is one of its missions, essential for managing the ecosystem and future developments.

Implementing the commercial policy

The development manager plays a key role in the sales force. He recruits, animates, informs, coordinates and evaluates salespeople. It also defines training programs aimed at improving their performance. The development manager is also responsible for developing and executing the merchandising strategy, trade marketing and category management.

Digital skills are also required of the Business Developer who uses digital tools and online commercial campaigns to attract an audience and new target. Digital marketing is therefore part of the knowledge necessary for the proper management of its activity and the visibility of its brand, its products or its company to the greatest number.

In his various functions, the development manager works under the responsibility of the sales or marketing director. He must work closely with the company’s technical, IT, accounting and human resources departments.

The skills and qualities needed to become a development manager

Management capacity

† Analytical skills and understanding of business strategy

† Autonomy and initiative

† Negotiation Skills

† Creativity, taste for innovation

† Leadership, sense of teamwork

† Computer skill

† Knowledge of English

How do you become a development manager / business developer? Which degree to choose?

The position of development manager, or business developer, is accessible after the baccalaureate thanks to higher education at Bac+3 level, given, among other things, in business schools or schools specialized in marketing and sales, such as ISEFAC. With her Bachelor in Business Development, she has designed a course entirely devoted to the profession of “commercial 4.0” essential in all sectors of activity, to promote products and services, but also to support the company’s strategy in its market and for opening up new markets. So it takes 3 years to acquire all the necessary skills and be at the center of tomorrow’s strategies.

The first year of the ISEFAC Bachelor Business Development Bachelor focuses on acquiring the fundamentals of business development and marketing, mastering oral expression (in the form of coaching in public speaking) and foreign languages. Courses in business development and marketing, as well as knowledge and brand creation (commercial management, legal culture, etc.) are also offered. They are complemented by career scenarios to promote the employability of students.

The second year is that of experimentation. On the programme: marketing and communication management, business administration, culture and expression. The third year, that of professionalization (expertise in e-commerce, store management, international business development, etc.), allows you to specialize your career, but also to familiarize yourself with the challenges and everyday life of the company thanks to a professional internship of 6 months.

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Employment: what are the job opportunities?

The outlets are numerous, as this profession is sought after in all sectors of activity. The development officer is generally hired in large industrial or commercial structures and sometimes in administrations. Throughout the year, we are constantly recruiting representatives in France and abroad. Central to the company, the business developer, is the engine of the company.

Professional development: from manager to business development manager

The development manager has the opportunity, after several years of experience, to fulfill the position of business development manager (or Business Development Manager in English) and/or sales manager. His skills in strategy and analysis are highly sought after by companies.

What is the salary of a development manager/business developer?

the annual salary of the business developer or business development manager consists of a fixed and a variable. His salary is around 32,000 to 38,000 euros gross for a junior position. Experienced (5 to 8 years of experience) the business developer can earn more than € 45,000 gross.

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