The future of community management within Metavers?

Or the Metaverse don’t talk to you, don’t panic! these are virtual worlds in which we interact through a range of technologies. Be it virtual reality, augmented reality and more recently NFT (Non Fungic Token), which are the subject of numerous publications.

But what about the future of community management within these Metavers? Many still unclear places and question marks through his roles.

Let’s approach them to see them.

The Metaverse or the Metaverse

Metaverses are virtual worlds recreated from reality or imagined, showing you in the form of an avatar (associated with an identified person). You will participate in interactions where technology will play a dominant role in the initial phase. By putting on one virtual reality headsetso you are projected into these universes where connections are made between users regardless of their geographical position.

If until now we have interacted through intermediate screens and especially through social networks, tomorrow all this will take on a completely new form. We will be able to see each other, but virtually as our performance will not be real (yet). Like Second Life released in 2003we can create an avatar or an imaginary character that is supposed to represent us.

In the professional field, some try to bring a little life at conferences or various meetings, but clearly the interests are moving forward and we are just at the beginning. Indeed, it is difficult to assess the merits of a meeting within the Metavers, which risks adding configuration complications from a technology and hardware point of view.

We should see the Metaverse as new playgrounds open to innovation, both in terms of marketing and sales and more. This is where the community management will have to adapt quickly so as not to be disconnected.

In one of these recent articles Netino by Webhelp makes this sobering statement about how to communicate within Metaverse:

It’s a safe bet that the metaverse will change the way we communicate with brands and to consume online, but probably the early years were riddled with disillusionment between the difficulties of settling in a new world without too many restrictions, and the reluctance of users.

source : Metaverse and Discovery Commerce

Community management in the Metaverse

the community management within Metaverse so this lever risks relaunching, while providing new tools to adapt to the virtual world. The customer relationship within the Metavers is already a topic that we will have to anticipate, just like the search for commitment that is central to community management.

Community management in the Metaverse

Consumption patterns will also be different and it will be necessary to model us on the brands and their progress in this area, to define strategic axes adapted to the Metaverse. Many topics that community management cannot ignore, but real difficulties to foresee, including:

Training on how to use Metaverses

If SandBox, Meta and others are already deployed, they are still in discovery mode and in transition. The brands are undoubtedly thinking on their side and preparing, but nothing is really final yet. At this stage, it is difficult to rely on training programs except to get to know them.

The use and communication that will result from it have yet to be defined and anticipated to a limited extent, because it is not a matter of missing out. Integrate them in community management course will already be a first point to raise awareness about this topic. The rest will probably have to wait a little longer!

The customer relationship

The customer relationship generally arises from problems identified before the available resources and/or resources were implemented. Here too it is a matter of anticipating, imagining and above all being agile to adapt to the situations you encounter.

If we don’t yet know how the trades within the Metavers will develop, we will probably have to devise scenarios or rely on research on the matter. If community management is more focused on: customer relations through social networks So far, it remains to be seen whether social media will migrate to the virtual. In that case it will change everything, and vice versa it will create additional bridges.

We already talked about a form of virtuality on social networks, we are really going to be right about that!

community management

community management : real or virtual? Looking at the phenomenon associated with avatars risks undermining the notion of commitment on which community management is based. There, too, it will be necessary to glimpse the field of possibilities and quickly grasp the Metavers on this aspect.

There will undoubtedly be new tools to develop, and thus learn for community managers, as well as communication codes that will gradually be revealed in the light of situations. We have already seen a recent problem about the relationship between 2 people within the Metaverse, and establishing a distance from there. This suggests that new rules need to be established and a police force to enforce them.


If we imagine that community management relaunch, it’s still hard to judge the many brakes or benefits for each of the actors entering the Metaverse. Parallel worlds will emerge, within which it will certainly be necessary to migrate part of its business and all that flows from it.

Shouldn’t we also foresee strong opposition or reluctance? You have to prepare for everything!

Metaverse: a new form of digital revolution

At this point, we need to take an interest in it, stand by and start developing scenarios that will be tweaked after connecting to the Metaverse. You will need to be perfectly agile to know how to bounce back from any situation. If we can name the positives, we will also have to consider the negative effects and anticipate the deviations.

This should keep many brands, businesses and community management players busy getting ready to live new form of digital revolutionwithin the one we already experience paradoxically.

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