La Joist, school of energy renovation, arrives in Lyon

“A school for energy renovation, aimed at an adult audience, in retraining.” In a few words, this is the definition Adeline Charre made when she mentioned La Joist, a new training offering that will land in the Lyon region in September. A structure hitherto unprecedented in the territory and which should make it possible to meet the increasingly urgent needs of the sector.

The bar to fill the “lack of skills in energy renovation”

“According to Ademe, 600,000 people will be needed in the next 50 years to achieve the energy renovation targets, specifies the city manager of La Joist, who is responsible for the project to be set up in the metropolitan area of ​​Lyon. It’s huge.”

At the origin of the concept are two thinkers: Ariane Komorn and Côme de Cossé Brissac. “They realized that one of the big obstacles to transforming our economy is the lack of skills, ipoints to Adeline Charre, former Engie who joined the adventure last April. Especially in the field of energy renovation. Their idea was therefore to offer a comprehensive training covering all aspects: openings, insulation, heating…”

@the bar

The originality of the bar is also the opening. “We train building profiles, but not only, says Adeline Charre. Our audience mainly consists of people who want to retrain, are looking for meaning and want to have a positive impact on the environment.” The only condition is passing the technical tests and the selection interview. “What we are looking for is mainly logic and some experience in project management. But the most important thing is to have real motivation.”

A placement rate of… 100%!

The first training took place in September 2021, in Paris. Since then, about fifteen people have been trained every month. A sustained rhythm made possible by the format proposed by de Joist. “These are three-month sessions, of the boot camp type, with an internship and two weeks of practical work on all modules of energy renovation.”

On the program during the first month, the transfer of the basics of building systems, thermal energy, site visits, etc. “And then we go deeper into more specific modules, about airtightness, indoor and outdoor insulation, ventilation or even the different heating systems.” With at the end of the day a project manager diploma in energy renovation, level bac +2 (two new diplomas coming soon: expert in heating systems and expert in insulation).

Partner companies

A concept that seems to work quite well according to Adeline Charre. “At the end of the training, the integration percentage is 100% for the time being.” More than satisfactory figures that, according to the city manager of de Joist, find a rather logical explanation. “We work with a pool of partner companies (Editor’s note: specifically BCI, in Ain). They are involved upstream to build the training modules. And for our part, we offer them profiles to hire to meet their needs.”

A win-win formula that “works very well so far” and which has prompted the thinkers of La Joist to look beyond the borders of Ile-de-France. “By offering training courses in the metropolis of Lyon from September (Editor’s note: in the buildings of the Bel air camp, in Villeurbanne until December and in the 8e then), we will be able to respond to real demand in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. There are real centers of expertise here in the field of energy renovation.”

Modules especially for companies

But la Joist is not just about professional retraining. “Part of our activity is also aimed at companies. We offer acculturation, in digital format, but also physics modules around renovation questions in co-ownership, project owner guidance or energy audits.” A way to get the message across, on all levels.

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