Gommegnies: municipality is looking for weapons for construction of a kindergarten

Construction of the new kindergarten on the site of the René-Jouglet primary school will start in July. In the meantime, the municipality is calling on residents to… make 3,500 bricks that will be used for interior walls.

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In Gommegnies we definitely don’t act like the others. After the school bus service in Rosalie, the future kindergarten will partly be built by the residents themselves. Well almost. This is to be located on the site of the René-Jouglet primary school, which will then become a school complex.

The building permit has been granted and construction should start in July. This new school of 260 m², which costs 2.6 million euros, includes four kindergarten classes, a 90 m² motor room, a dormitory with direct access to the playground and a bicycle shed. Ultimately, the school group will accommodate 250 students. This building is voluntary almost passive “, underlines the mayor, Benoît Guiost. The wood boiler is already oversized for the current school. The kindergarten will have triple glazing, chestnut clad exterior walls, straw insulation, and, that little bit more, a ” local offer. The wheat straw comes from Maresches. We have reserved 400 m3. This summer straw bales will be made of it
‘ says the mayor. Better yet, the wood will be local poplar. Seventy poplars are needed for construction. And finally, the icing on the cake… the stones.

Volunteers to make the bricks?

This will be the originality of this project. † The inner walls will be made of mud bricks, which will control the hydrometry
“, continues the chosen one, an idea from the architect Amélie Fontaine. As for the clay needed to make these partitions, you don’t have to look far. † We are going to move a lot of earth for the construction. Studies by the Amaco company have shown that clay is excellent, even too pure. It is mixed with ground straw
smiles Benoît Guiost.

Almost 3,500 bricks are needed from this clay, hence the idea of ​​involving the population. They will be manufactured on site, then stored in the municipal workshops, dried for several months and finally used for construction. This participative project will run from June 29 to July 22, in teams of about fifteen people per day. The teams are guided by the architect and a facilitator, who will explain the manufacturing steps up to the use of the mould. And since it starts before the start of the school holidays, the students get involved. The new kindergarten should open in January 2024.

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