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Retraining and training

by means of Stephanie Condis

This alternative way of working makes it possible to combine several functions at the same time, in different areas of work and often under different statuses. A way to better integrate into the labor market and adapt to its evolution.

Admittedly, slashing is not a new phenomenon. The term appeared in the United States fifteen years ago, in Marci Alboher’s bestseller, the title of which can be translated as One person, many careers

slash denotes the typographical sign in the form of a slash used to separate the functions of the same asset: taxi driver/computer developer, salesman/plasterer, management assistant/masseuse, to name but three real examples. This trend may be reinforced in the wake of the pandemic. † This has undeniably accelerated hybridization, and not just the face-to-face and distance mixunderlines Marielle Barbe, advisor/speaker/coach/trainer/author. Teleworking makes cutting easier due to the maneuverability it offers. And the economic crisis encourages us not to put all the eggs in one basket. It also refers to the search for meaning, to the fact that you are dependent on one employer, to the desire to retrain† †

The 50-year-old, who was occasionally on the show, on a temporary, contract, freelance published, in 2017, Slasher profession: combining jobs, a job with a future† She thinks employers will be increasingly interested in this profiles currently considered atypicalWhole parts of the economy are currently unable to hire people: we are at an impasse with the twin problem of company attractiveness and candidate employability. Recruitment methods are still very much anchored in status, expertise and an accurate job description. However, in personal life, people develop in a multidimensional mode. Employees should be able to do something else three or four hours a week if they wish. This would expose unknown sources, such as this employee whose employer found out he was also a beekeeper by installing beehives on the roof of the offices! It is good to recognize new skills and to share individual passions within the team.

Activities that feed each other

As Sandrine Larippe, full-time administrative and commercial assistant and sophrologist since 2019, receives evenings and Saturdays in her office: “ I had been practicing yoga for ten years and wanted to acquire more tools to improve stress management and concentration. So I spent two and a half years training on weekends at the Institute of Sophrology of the Southwest, in Toulouse. Then I was advised to set it up myself. When my three children were adults, I said to myself, “Why not?I talked about it with my employer and started working in my company, especially during the lunch hour, because my colleagues needed it. Helping others gives meaning to what I do. The 40-year-old likes to carry out these two nourishing activities in parallel: Working as an employee keeps me connected to the world of work, which is changing rapidly and generating new forms of pressure. Anyway, I couldn’t be 100% sophrologist and concatenate the sessions: I would lose the quality of listening and exchanges.

For his part, Bertrand Billes Garabedian, a 27-year-old Parisian, took advantage of the open-mindedness of Mazars, an international company specializing in auditing: ” I started working as a real estate advisor at the end of 2018. The group did include a non-exclusivity clause in the employment contracts that allowed me to go part-time at the beginning of 2021, namely three days a week and the rest, I dedicate it to my lifelong passion: artistic projects in music, writing, directing and acting. I am setting up a production company with friends. I am training to be a director’s assistant and sound engineer. I am more satisfied than ever, having made this decision after the first incarceration.

If both have found a good compromise between initial work and personal development, which translates into a second professional activity, the slashing can be motivated by many other reasons. Unfortunately, it sometimes suffers from the rise of uberization or the accumulation of small insecure jobs to survive, for example as a seasonal worker. It can also be chosen, on the occasion of a ability to seize or need to increase income† Even out of caution: for example, an employee who wants to retrain or start a business while keeping his place before flying alone, but also an unemployed person who chooses multiple part-time positions to get back to work faster.

The multi-hats also evoke the desire for freedom, flexibility and change, the need to break the routine and get out of their comfort zone† And this regardless of age, professional profile or sector of activity. All combinations are possible for jack of all trades! Some become real Swiss Army knives thanks to their varied skills, whether they are multifunctional or complementary. † In this regard, 1+1 = 3, because two skills that intersect bring out a third: it should be appreciated by recruiters.“, insists Marielle Barbe, who gives a lot of concrete advice in her book designed as a toolbox. Same observation for David Bibard, management controller for several clients and director of the timeshare portal, a website launched seven years ago: Slasher can generate synergies that you would not have thought of yourself: you should not be afraid to talk about your different activities, it is enriching for yourself and others. We bring an external perspective, freshness and afterwards.

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part time work

Time-sharing is a special form of slashing: it is generally a same job in different companies, often SMEs, who employ the person directly (multiple pay) or indirectly through a timeshare company (ETTP) or group of employers (GE). The latter type of structure was favored by Virginie Hattry, who signed a 32-hour permanent contract with Par’Temps at Le Mans in 2019. † It is an association in which I am responsible for communication, together with its members, craftsmen and companies with less than twenty employees, as business development manager, community manager and network facilitator.† The 40-year-old was also chosen by her municipality and volunteered at an association for the conservation of peasant agriculture (Amap). † I appreciate this balance, I never get bored thanks to this versatility that I have acquired in particular through continuing education. However, it is not always easy! It is essential to know how to adapt to different teams, places and different software. In order not to get lost, good organization is needed. And a lot of flexibility, which teleworking gives me† Before joining Par’Temps, Virginie Hattry spent a short time in the independent status† Like David Bibard, Marielle Barbe warns: “CThis status can be useful to test and get started on a new activity. However, it must be temporary because social guarantees in terms of retirement, unemployment or illness are very weak. There is a risk of uncertainty† “Independence has a price to be calculated by maturing its projects…

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