Clément – On the way to the new wind school

Save the date! Numerous activities are planned for Saturday 25 June to simultaneously inaugurate the School of the Wind, a work of the Watershed Breakaways and the new community inn.

We will have to wait a little longer to push the door of this place like no other. After a year of closure that was necessary to rethink the site, the Wind School will reopen this summer 2022 with a brand new museographic scenography. As a foretaste, the commune of Val’Eyrieux, the commune of Saint-Clément and the Regional Natural Park of the Monts d’Ardèche invite the public to its inauguration on Saturday, June 25. A quadruple inauguration in reality, as other equipment is also open to visitors that day (read below).

As for the École du vent, however, the organizers have been very clear in the invitation cards they have distributed these days: they offer a free visit at the end of work.

Indeed, the facilities will not be completed and the site should not really open to the Ardéchois and tourists until early July.

In anticipation of this inaugural preview, the Hebdo de l’Ardèche can tell you a little more about this “version 2” wind school, which is indeed starting to breathe new life, after 15 full and successful years. The building, on the exterior plan, will not be changed. But inside, almost everything changes. A progressive course, divided into eight sections (or eight rooms) will reject the theme of the wind for its aspects that are both scientific and dreamy. With the exception of the gondola, which is still present in the reception area and the flight simulator, whose rudder is reminiscent of that of a pirate ship, the whole has been radically changed.

Learning without appearances

People will learn without appearing, so to speak“, smiles Mathilde Cognet, director of the School of the Wind. The visitor will be able to stroll through nooks and crannies spread over three floors, each room having “a particular meaning”: the legend of the People of the Wind , the different types wind, flight through biomimicry (a concept often used on the site in recent years), gardens of the wind and the living, the arts inspired by the wind and to see the screening of a meditative film on these inexhaustible themes that dream big and make smaller.

Here it is a geographical but also thematic crossroads where the scientific reality and the imaginary mingle; it is very educational“, assures Jacques Chabal, president of the municipality of Val’Eyrieux.

five legged sheep

And to decorate the interior, it was necessary to find craftsmen who themselves had both a strict and creative profile. Not so easy. “We searched and found five-legged sheep: scenographers, model makers, prototypists, craftsmen, videographers, sound designers, graphic designers or even what might be called manipulators. The word does not exist, but could indicate movement experts“, explains Mathilde Cognet. “LThey spent several weeks designing and crafting their pieces in the workshop, before gradually installing them in the Wind School. We have also attracted craftsmen from both urban and rural areas, enabling us to confront the urban universe with the rural environment. So we end up with a hybrid project, in line with our expectations.

Also consistent with what the School of Wind has always been: an atypical place, timeless and delightful to the greatest number.

Quadruple inauguration on the program Saturday 25 June from 5 p.m., visit to the Wind School at the end of construction. 6 pm, opening of the artwork Anémos by Catherine Baas, as part of the Echappées du Partage des eaux. 6:15 pm, visit of the new educational spaces of the École du vent, located behind the church. 6.30 pm, visit to the new municipal inn. 7 pm, speech at the Théâtre de Verdure, followed by a drink at the table in Éole.

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