Binance’s CZ Says Crypto Winter Could Be A Cycle In Itself

The crypto winter is shaking up the industry and every company is doing its best to survive it. For Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the efforts to be deployed will have to be spread over a longer term than previously thought.

A crisis that stays here

The crypto winter has been about a month and the industry is already counting the companies that have fallen. Cryptocurrencies remain unstable and forecasts are getting strong, with a $100,000 Bitcoin being announced as much as a dead Bitcoin. The time seems long, but it may be that the phenomenon will last much longer than expected.

Interviewed by the newspaper FortuneBinance CEO Changpeng Zhao made an ominous prediction regarding the end of the crisis. However, the latter is not a problem for him as the exchange platform has solid resources to survive. At Binance, no cutbacks and a wave of layoffs. On the contrary, CZ remains calm and advocates a major recruiting campaign to be ready if the situation recovers. According to him, the crypto winter will enable the industry to get rid of its bad students and the best is yet to come if enough efforts are made.

Source: Changpeng Zhao .’s Twitter account

That said, this heyday for the crypto sphere may be a long way off. In fact, CZ believes that the crisis we are now experiencing could well be a cycle in itself. Like all those tested by Bitcoin, this one would not deviate from the rule: that of four years. Thus, the crypto winter could last until 2026.

I’m not saying it’s disastrous. It’s bad. I’m not quite sure yet. Historically, all cycles have been four years. That said, history cannot predict the future. But when this catastrophe occurs, there is also an opportunity.

Excerpt from Changpeng Zhao’s interview made by Fortune

However, other bitcoin cycles seem to disprove this hypothesis.

Bitcoin’s cyclicity is a well-known phenomenon within the crypto world. Every four years, the little orange piece undergoes an impressive fall… before it rises brilliantly. Where complaints were already made about previous disasters in 2014 and 2018, the crisis came precisely in 2022.

Yet Bitcoin’s last major crashes are far from four years away. In fact, they have flooded the industry for a little over a year. Time will tell if the crypto winter will last that long, or if Changpeng Zhao’s predictions have turned out to be correct.

For now, despite the disaster caused by the crash, there seems to be no indication that the current crisis will last four years. However, we know that it will take several months to disappear. So confusion on the part of Changpeng Zhao or lack of justification? The newspaper Fortune has not reported any arguments from the contractor.

Source: CoinMarketCap Twitter Account

However, one thing remains true: the crypto winter of 2022 seems to be following the same steps as the previous one…for now. According to ABC Exchange, every crypto bear market is characterized by four phases, the first of which is the fall of Bitcoin. If we are to believe the unfolding, Ethereum should be able to gain momentum in the coming months.

The sequence of events will therefore be able to indicate whether this crisis will remain like the others or whether we, like CZ, have reason to believe that it can no longer be ignored.


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