What are the differences between a BUT and a bachelor’s degree?

The BUT and the bachelor are two higher education diplomas that validate a bac + 3 level. But what is the difference between the BUT and the bachelor’s degree? What are the possible specialties? How do you choose between a BUT and a bachelor’s degree? The student informs you about these two courses that lead to a bac + 3 level.

What is a PURPOSE and what are you preparing for it?

GOAL is a university bachelor of technology which is prepared in 3 years in the university technical institutes (IUT)† It replaced the old one ENG who prepared in 2 years. This degree has in fact the merged ENG and professional licenses which were the main study activities of these ENG

To register, follow the procedure CourseUp in your year terminal

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What is a bachelor’s degree and what do you prepare for?

A bachelor’s degree is not a national diploma. It is a school title issued by higher education institutions. The singles are mainly offered by business schools and engineering schools.

Each bachelor education has its own training path and training content, without being linked to a reference system of diplomas. Professionalization and international openness are in the spotlight. An internship abroad and English courses are on the agenda.

To register, some singles appear in the training offer of trail up† For others, it is necessary to approach the establishment that the Bachelor education and meet the entry requirements specific to each. Some singles are thus accessible through common leagues or through specific leagues.

Good to know: the quality of training differs greatly from one bachelor education to another. Before enrolling, please take the time to inform yourself about the relevant bachelor’s degree programme. Also consider the cost of bachelor education

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BUT or bachelor: which specialties?

The GOAL are available in 24 specializations (formerly called TU specialties), with differentiated courses for some.

Example of GOAL

It is more difficult to singlesnot all of which are covered license degree or not systematically mentioned in the RNCP. Here are a few as examples:

Examples of bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Bachelor education Culinary arts and entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor education digital technology
  • Bachelor education E-business & marketing
  • Bachelor education in international management, etc.

BUT or bachelor’s degree: which recognition of diplomas?

the GOAL is a diploma bac + 3. It is a national diploma, which means it has the same value regardless of the branch where you prepared it.

the bachelor education is not a national diploma. However, its registration in the RNCP, the National List of Professional Certifications, is an indicator that should be taken into account. This shows the level of technical skills developed during the training. Likewise, some singles obtaining a “visa permit”. This is a label awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education, a guarantee for quality training. It is issued for a period of six years.

Good to know: since 2020 some singles have completed undergraduate recognition, meet rigorous criteria in educational content, program support for research, or accept Crous scholarship holders into the workforce.

Why do a BUT or a bachelor’s degree?

It is the prepared specialty that often gives the choice between a GOAL and a bachelor education

the GOAL prepare immediately after the binwhere direct professional integration is at stake.

the bachelor education can be considered right after the bin, or after one year / two years of study in higher education (validated bac + 1 / bac + 2 for entry to the 2nd or 3rd year). It offers more technical expertise than a more general degree such as a University degree† It is the professional approach and international openness that attracts young people to bachelor education

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