Web3 is self-democratizing with the Apple Watch

This week, TAG Heuer brought itself to the fore by releasing a watch that displays the owner’s NFTs. If this innovation may seem interesting, there is an obvious problem: how can the average user penetrate the NFT market if he has to buy a luxury watch? This is where Self comes in. Web3 will take off with mass adoption. And what better way to reach as many people as possible than through the Apple Watch?

Itself wants to open Web3 to the world

Democratization is Web3’s holy grail. This is also the goal that Self pursues with each of its innovations. A vision supported by Self CEO Elliot Goykhman: “ Continuing its mission to democratize access to finance, SELF is expanding into the United States as a metaverse bank, pooling the loot of games (game loot in games Play to earn), NFTs and fiat currencies under one banking umbrella.

After all, it is Self’s wish not to limit himself to works of art at exorbitant prices, such as those of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The will of this company is to become the neo-bank of the metaverse. To build this Web3-specific financial institution, the first target market is the Play to earn (P2E). In this video game model, game loot (game loot) don’t just show up in your inventory. They exist, and they can be traded or sold. This creates a real economy.


This is one of the reasons that drives this company to develop an ultra-fast and accessible interface to display, display and exchange its NFTs. This is where the Apple Wallet and Google Wallet come in, simplifying the exchange of NFTs. † For this new launch, SELF has chosen to make NFTs more tangible by offering to show them on their wrist up to 50 million US Apple Watch users. 100 million Apple Watch wearers worldwide will soon be able to » bridge » their collections of non-fungible digital art tokens on their watch face. » 100 million, or 200 times more than the number of luxury watches sold in 2020, all brands combined.

Web3 belongs to individuals and individuals have an Apple Watch

By offering ultra-fast and simplified purchases through instant messaging such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or even Discord, this company overcomes the hurdles of NFT platforms such as OpenSea. And by integrating these objects into connected watches, Self completes creating a framework AD hoc for NFTs. The goal is clear. Give all users easy and fast access to their collections. Trading NFTs then becomes as easy as trading Pokémon cards.

Their vision is at odds with what currently dominates the market. Seeing the trendiest NFTs trade for several hundred thousand dollars makes us wonder whether this is a market designed to reach the general public. Beepl’s NFTs, the most famous of which, “Everyday’s: the first 5000 days”, sold for $69 million, made him the second highest-rated living artist after Jeff Koons. However, few people have a work by Jeff Koons in their living room. And few people will be able to display a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT on their TAG Heuer watch. Still, the market needs a lot of people to have NFTs to grow and develop. TAG Heuer’s approach is not bad in itself. However, she takes advantage of the current craze without helping any further. Where Apple’s $200 watches will really make a difference.

Conversely, Self positions itself as an infrastructure that opens up the market for mass adoption. And with that, it is not its service that benefits Self, but all investors and players in this market. Not everyone is bound by Self and his offer. But it’s clear that this company is acting in the best interest of the community, not just personal interest.

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