Tutorial: Earn NFTs by Joining the Arbitrum Odyssey Program

Join the Odyssey – Arbitrum is a second-tier solution that evolves on topEthereum† It has just launched its Odyssey program, which aims to familiarize users with the application ecosystem. The goal is simple and fun: encourage users to test Arbitrum protocols with rewards, such as NFTs.

Introducing Arbitrum

Before we get into the details of the program Arbitrum Odyssey and steps to execute, let’s return briefly to Arbitrum.

Arbitration is a second layer solution evolve above the Etherum network, launched in September 2021† This is based on the technology of Optimistic Update Rollup

Without going into detail, Rollups make it possible to deport transactions outside of the Ethereum main chain. However, these ecosystems inherit the security of Ethereum by publishing all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. These transactions are released as compressed batches to reduce their impact on the mainnet. It allows anyone to verify the validity of transactions that have taken place on Arbitrum.

Arbitrum is currently Ethereum’s most popular second-tier solution. Indeed, it is good for no less than 1.7 million ETH deposited through all of its protocols.

Evolution of the TVL in ETH of the Arbitrum network.

To date, the network has about a hundred protocols, among which we find DeFi leaders like Curve, Uniswap and Aave.

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Arbitrum Odyssey: A Tour of the Ecosystem

In April 2022, Arbitrum announced the preparation of a program titled: Arbitrum Odyssey† The goal is simple: create a fun path that allows users to familiarize themselves with the Arbitrum ecosystem

In addition, to make the program fun, Arbitrum has provided rewards for users who participate in Odyssey. That’s how they can get 17 exclusive NFTscreated by artists Ratwell and Sugoi.

“We are excited to announce a partnership with Ratwell, Sugoi and Project Galaxy, inviting users to explore different parts of the Arbitrum ecosystem – from DeFi to NFTs and games!”

In short, the program will take place in 2 monthswith each week a series of actions to perform on different ecosystem protocols.

In addition, the most regular users will receive additional rewards at the end of the program:

“Eventually, any user who has collected at least 12 of the 15 NFTs will receive the most exclusive arbi-verse NFT designed by Ratwell and Sugoi.”

To follow the progress of each step, we invite you to the: Arbitrum Twitter Account† Every week, the teams there will publish the different actions, as well as the protocols they need to communicate with in order to obtain the precious NFTs.

Good news, the program starts today, Tuesday 21 June!

Arbitrum announces the launch of Arbitrum Odyssey.
Arbitrum announces the launch of Arbitrum Odyssey.

Board tokens at stake?

Allow us a little speculation. At this time, the Arbitrum Project has not made an official announcement regarding the creation of a governance token or any other token.

However, some information may indicate that this is not impossible. So, after the release of the second tier governance token Optimism, the CEO of Offchain Labs, the company behind Arbitrum, tweeted:

“The appetizer is always served before the main course.”

Tweet posted by the CEO of Arbitrum.
Tweet posted by the CEO of Arbitrum.

Through therefore, while it’s just speculation, it’s not impossible that Arbitrum will someday unveil a governance token. Participation in all phases of the Odyssey program could increase the chances of being considered for a potential airdrop, if any. As we often say: “He who tries nothing, has nothing”.

Week 1: Bridge Week

The Arbitrum Odyssey program just launched with the “Bridge Week”† For this first week, Arbitrum will start from the beginning focus on bridgesthese tools that allow you to send money from one channel to another.

To participate, users must: send ETH to Arbitrum through one of the following bridges or centralized exchanges:

  • HopProtocol;
  • AcrossProtocol;
  • transak;
  • multiple chains;
  • crypto section;
  • Li-Fi protocol;
  • ComposableEnd;
  • Celer network;
  • DeGateDex;
  • HashFlow;
  • MtPelerin;
  • RangoExchange;
  • Connect network;
  • Boating Finance;
  • Banxa official;
  • Bungee exchange;
  • TheBoringDAO;
  • router protocol;
  • from Bridge Finance.
List of bridges that qualify for the Bridge Week.
List of bridges that qualify for the Bridge Week.

In addition, users who have chosen the bridge most used by the community will receive a Bonus NFTs

Which bridge should you use to maximize your chances of getting the NFT bonus?

We’re lucky, Arbitrum helped us a bit to decide which bridge to pick to get the bonus NFT. This is how they published a questionnaire on their Discord server, asking users which bridge they prefer.

Lucky for us, @monte_xyz did a lot of work for us by posting the poll results on Twitter. The result of the research thus provides the following bridges:

  • Hop protocol;
  • multiple chains;
  • Login

Example with Hop protocol

Since he is the big winner of the survey, we will see together how transfer ETH to Arbitrum using Hop Protocol

To do this, you must first hold ETH on one of the following blockchains or L2s:

  • Ethereum;
  • polygon;
  • gnosis;
  • Optimism.

In our case, we start with Ethereum.

First go to the Hop Protocol official website† Check the site to see if you are in the “Submit” section.

Send hop menu.

Link your wallet by clicking the “Connect” button at the top right of the screen.

Link your wallet to Hop.

Select the item to be sent, here ETH.

Select item to send.

Choose the network where the money is currently stored, in our case we choose Ethereum. Then select Arbitrum as the fund receiving network. Also indicate the amount of ETH to be sent. We recommend that you do not send too little money, because with this money you can take the actions necessary to participate in the Odyssey program every week.

Fill in the departure and arrival network, as well as the amount.

Once all these fields are filled in correctly, you can click the “Send” button to complete the transfer.

Make the transfer.

After clicking the “Send” button, all you need to do is confirm and sign the transaction in your wallet. There you go, the transaction has been sent and the money is transferred to Arbitrum.

Confirmation of transfer.

These can be retrieved from the same address as the one that initiated the transfer, you just need to configure the Arbitrum network in your wallet.

Add Arbitrum to Metamask

Add the network Arbitration in Metamaskyou need to configure a new network by entering the following information:

Program for the coming weeks of Arbitrum Odyssey

Every week you get Additional NFTs by performing two actions on two protocols from the long list of protocols participating in the program.

“Once Bridge Week is over, you will be able to complete 2 separate tasks from 2 projects each week! More details on each week will come as the Arbitrum Odyssey program progresses.”

In theory, the protocols to be used each week should be:

  • 1: Bridge week;
  • 2: yield, hash flow;
  • 3: AboardExchange, TofuNFT;
  • 4: Uniswap, OfficialApeXdex;
  • 5:1inch, Izumi Finance;
  • 6: FokkerDodo, SwaprEth;
  • 7: Treasure_DAO, BattleFlyGame;
  • 8: Idea Market, SushiSwap.

In order not to miss a single week and to validate the protocols to be used, we invite you once again to stay connected on the Arbitrum Twitter.

It is clearly not the style of Journal du Coin to disappoint you! We come back every week with a special article to explain all the actions that need to be done week after week to maximize your chances of getting the Arbitrum Odyssey NFTs

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