Saint Martin ► [Vidéo] The students of the dance school gave everything for the year-end show

The students of the Saint-Mard dance school gave their all for the end-of-year show that took place over two days, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June.

The show of the dance school, led by Jean-Michel Mennessier, ended in apotheosis, Sunday, on a frenzied rock and the public greeting of all the dancers, skin still gleaming with sweat, not so much as the eve, however, with record high temperatures.

In Pailleux’s gymnasium, the different levels, from novice children the size of three apples to experienced adults, presented the choreographies they worked on for several months.

Sparkling costumes, perfectly groomed hairstyles and discreet make-up, technique, application, accuracy, willpower, flexibility… the ingredients of the dance were brought together to make the show a moment of intense pleasure.

Naturally, the parents, grandparents and friends of the dancer families formed a convinced and seduced audience beforehand. They could only see the effectiveness of the courses taught throughout the year and the progress of the students.

Cédric, native of Othis and father of Claudia, 16, says: “Our daughter has been dancing in Saint-Mard since she was 3.5 years old. It is unbelievable how much she has progressed and above all she is passionate.” In between the two series of shows, on Sunday, Claudia didn’t get off the podium and trained with a teammate to fine-tune a few passes.

Like them, many little girls have found life motivation in dance school, which may change later on. “I would like to become a dance teacher in the future”, claims the stubborn Erin, 8 years old, who started the discipline at the age of 4. At home, the little girl tirelessly repeats the steps she learns each week, taking inspiration from new animated music films such as Coco or Encanto, the Snow Queen three years ago, and inventing “choreos”. She emphasizes: “I like dancing, precision and application, the beauty of gestures and music… Since joining, I’ve been doing classical dance and last year I took modern jazz in addition. I couldn’t decide which one to choose, so I’m doing both.. .”

The devoted parents spend Wednesdays going back and forth between the activities of Erin and her 4-year-old sister Siobhan, who also took part in the dance show with the youngest on Sunday.

Jean-Michel, stimulated by the “closed” weekend, says: “I want everyone to feel good and give the best of themselves. At the dance school I try to convey messages. We choose songs that speak, with topics such as values, family, friendship, ties and respect. That is very important , respect It is also everything we pass on to the students.”

The director does not deviate from his communicative character, which makes you want to follow him.

The city’s mayor, Daniel Dometz, commented: “The dance school is a very important association for the municipality. Jean-Michel, like the deputy director, France de Bertrand, and the president, Patricia Lecomte, are almost unconditionally involved. They are dynamic and achieve wonderful things.”

Jorde Dias, the assistant responsible for sports and associations, knows the dance school all the better because his daughter Adriana has been studying there for several years. She also took part in the show and, like the others, gave her all on stage.

The mayor of the neighboring town, Longperrier, Michel Mouton, had briefly escaped the polling station (note: it was the second round of the parliamentary elections) and had joined the family to watch his granddaughter dance.

Next year the dance school will be 30 years old. Jean-Michel is just excited about the idea of ​​​​preparing for the event and responds with a wink: “I’m still here, even if I should retire…and maybe in thirty years I’ll still be.”

Pending the resumption of the start of the school year, the dancers are preparing for the summer workshops.

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