Fun – The Gérard Philippe school is deteriorating, parents worry about the future of the establishment

Located behind the Mon Grand Plaisir shopping center, the Gérard Philippe School, which dates back to the early 1990s, seems to be showing its age. For several years now, the roof of the building has been seriously deteriorating, leading to leaks and many other problems in the building. This is reported by representatives of parents of students.

“We have been calling for action for more than five years to fix the school roof, which leaks with every rain shower, in the classrooms, in the hallways. Ceiling tiles have recently been removed, the glass wool is visible, […]the ceiling slabs are moldy and the town hall is doing nothing “says Emmanuelle Birot, representative of parents of students with two children educated in this establishment of 148 students, ie six classes at once from kindergarten and elementary.

“We have a false ceiling, the water comes in through the attic, […] it falls a few days later, the time it circulates, absorbs itself in all the isolation, and then it crosses. If it rains on Sunday, we will have a leak on Monday evening or Tuesday. We have mold on the ceiling, on the walls. The fire protection system is located on a completely flooded wall. We have spotlights on the ceiling soaked in water, it goes to the level of electricity, ventilation ducts, “recalls Céline Martel, president of the representatives of parents of students at the school. With certain consequences for holding classes, since water spilled onto a student’s notebook and a teacher “slipped into a pool of water” and sprained her ankle,” says Emmanuelle Birot. “And also in terms of breathing, because rotten glass wool is disastrous for health,” emphasize the two mothers.

Ceiling tiles have been removed, the glass wool is visible […]”The ceiling plates are mouldy,” reports Emmanuelle Birot, representative of parents of students at the Gérard Philippe school.

In October, a letter was sent from a lawyer “explaining that the situation was unacceptable, that the living conditions of the students, teachers and teams and tutors were not acceptable,” said Céline Martel. “The town hall replied to this lawyer’s letter that they did what was necessary, that they took care of the maintenance of the schools, that they were there and that they did not forget the Gérard Philippe school, and that they accompanied the parents of students in all their steps and supported them,” she says.

For the representatives of parents of pupils: if the municipality maintains the school so little, it is because it would consider closing the school. “We don’t want the school to close. Here we are in a very popular area,” explains Céline Martel. There are a large proportion of the children of this school who are in a more or less serious “social case” and have been identified by the social services.This school answers that, […] because she is small. The classes consist of a maximum of 25 or 26 students, in elementary, […]† If the school closes, that means you’ll head to Prévert (the nearest one, editors note), where the classes sometimes already have more than 30 students. And the next school in terms of proximity is Mozart, and there is a factory. †

Launch of a study on the structure of the building

The mayor of Plaisir, Joséphine Kollmannsberger (LR), received representatives of students’ parents and the academy inspector on June 16. She reports having assured them of her wish to maintain the equipment, and announces the start of a study on the overall structure of the building, before a possible major renovation takes place. “According to the City’s technical services, […]”The works will be large enough to have to evacuate the school,” the alderman confided, talking about a possible temporary move to another school “before the start of the 2023 school year”, and this during the works.

A step “for as long as necessary”, she says, also to reassure the fear of the number of students per class during this temporary transfer, and calls, with the participation of National Education, “a repositioning of students in optimal conditions ” on. † However, she acknowledges that “we could have intervened earlier on major works, besides having 28 schools in the city”, and also recalls the construction works of Mon Grand Plaisir in recent years, “which were already a major disruption, so re-doing something while working next door was not very consistent”.

After this interview with the mayor, Emmanuelle Birot confirms the elected official’s commitments regarding the study, but is more suspicious of the establishment’s future. “She never said she wanted to go to school. She said she wanted to keep the structure, building or equipment, she never spoke about the school, the mother of students believes. We are pleased with the decisions they have made and the actions they are about to take, but we remain cautious. †


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