Find out how to make video games your business thanks to the eSport School!

Video games have taken an important place in today’s world. As a result, we have seen the birth of an industry that is gaining momentum: the eSports industry

Professional gamers compete in leagues and tournaments to win significant bonuses and prizes that testify to their level.

If you’re interested in everything eSports can bring, you can going to an eSports school

Why go to an eSport school?

eSport is a recent discipline specializing in video game competitions, but that’s not all. It concerns everything that has to do with the organization of tournaments, the practice of multiplayer games and various events.

The first eSport tournament took place in 1997. Since then, the discipline has undergone a major expansion and quite a few professions and training courses in eSport have been developed.

professional players participate in and broadcast competitions to make a fortune, integrate an eSport school and take the first step to become a professional gamer.

The gamer’s salary mainly depends on his level, the cash prizes and the brands that sponsor him. By winning a place among the best, the gamer’s fortune is assured as he has access to the prizes of the world competitions amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Going through an eSports school is therefore essential for become a professional player, but it can also lead to something else: streamer, tournament organizer, blogger or technician. It will depend on the course.

eSport school training

An eSports school is a real school where you learn new things, so students don’t spend all day staring at a screen playing video games. There are real courses to take, although they revolve around video games. However, there is other integrated disciplines who may have more than one interest: writing on the web, computer networking, management and communication.

To be a candidate for eSport training, you must have your baccalaureate degree in addition to taking a game education or having management at a business school or university.

The candidate submits a good course record, passes an interview, meets an eSport coach and passes tests to be selected.

After training, the candidate will mainly be trained as a high-level professional gamer, but can turn to any of the above eSport professions (streamer, caster or videographer).

Top 3 of the Best eSport Schools in France

In the form of campuses, eSport schools offer various training in video games, and each course lasts between 2 and 5 years depending on the chosen profession. In France, 3 eSport schools stand out from the rest:

  • Paris Gaming Campus School;
  • MGA Gaming Academy;
  • eSports Gaming School.

Paris Gaming Campus School

A well-known and recognized institution, this school is an organization specializing in the training of events and management related to competitive video games.

The campus follows a meticulous organization and trains candidates to professional gamer, caster, streamer or any other eSport profession.

MGA Gamine Academy

This school in Montpellier is known for the skilled professional players that have come out of it. The MGA provides an idyllic setting for 10 months of study where candidates are guided by coaches and video game experts.

They learn the basics of gaming and the techniques and manipulation required for a high-level player.

eSports Gaming School

Located in Talence in the southwest, this school is a professional gamer school that offers various training courses in video games. Like a key, a state recognized degree

The training consists of taking digital training courses that prepare you to become a pro gamer and lead to other professions, especially web developer and graphic designer.

Is it interesting to do an internship in eSport?

Taking different training courses in eSports and diversifying your knowledge is a sure way to creating a future in eSport† This also allows us to study this modern field in a new light.

An eSports internship is suitable for those who are passionate about video games and the virtual world as they can start a career and have extra experience not without consequences for their future.

An eSports internship is beneficial because it is an opportunity for: study and explore video games in addition to increasing their chances of finding a job in the field.

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