The time of work at the Châtelet d’Orléans school, the children are transferred to the Segelle school, the parents refuse

“There is an incredible nonchalance on the part of City Hall. We ask that we be listened to and discussed. It takes an hour to walk 2.4 kilometers with a three-year-old child revolt Emmeline Ballot and Laurent Bihl, representatives of the parents of pupils from the Châtelet kindergarten, in the old town, near the garden of the Charpenterie.

What makes them so angry?? “The parents, the educational teams and the recreation center, the representatives of the school council were summoned by the town hall to an exceptional meeting in February. The direction of education and the technical services of the town hall told us that they have submitted a document to say that they were planning insulation work for the school in 2023-2024, with a lead time of 2 to 4 years‘, they explain and emphasize that they are in favor of carrying out this work.

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An online petition

On the other hand, since the school cannot be occupied by the children during the construction period, the parents dispute the solution proposed to them by the town hall: “They propose to move the classes and the leisure reception to the Pierre-Segelle school located 25 minutes on foot, and there is no public transport, no bicycle path”, criticize the parents.

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According to them, another problem in the organization of daily family life: “It is a school with many brothers and sisters, the older children are educated in Ducerceau. We have made the choice to live in the hyper center. Many parents do not have a means of transport.“They also think of all parents, for example traders, who have registered their child at this school, thanks to a deviation from the school card.

Faced with the anger aroused after this meeting, they requested a meeting with the town hall, which took place in May. And are annoyed that they recently received one letter stating that work will start this month of September. That’s why they launched an online petition.

New meeting

Chrystel de Filippi, teaching assistant, recognizes a date error in this letter and reassures: “September 2023 will be fine.” And to say, “They say it’s 1.5 miles, but it’s a mile. We’re not doing this to annoy them. The kids are cooking, we have some work to do. Because it’s a school is which is not very accessible, we cannot take classes at the same time. We have offered them to set up a bus. They argue that this cuts them off from the teaching team,” laments the assistant, who indicates that several options have been explored.

“The Pierre-Segelle School is the best solution because everything is adapted. We have an empty building and a school cafeteria big enough to feed all the children,” she said.

The parents suggest moving the classes to Ducerceau’s school, which is closer. “There are not enough places for the courses,” Chrystel de Filippi replies prefabricated, with uncomfortable conditions for children for two years, and which would cost more than a million euros† There is not enough space in the cafeteria. Some kids need to eat at 11am, others at 2pm. There are no small sanitary facilities for toddlers. If they have a better solution, we’ll listen.”

“We heard about their travel problems, the bus seemed like a good solution to us. We did it for the Kergormard school in La Source, where the families don’t have a car, it went well. It is true that it changes habits, but some children can be brought by car,” she justifies. A new consultation is planned between parents and municipal services on 24 June.

Cindy Roudier-Valaud

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