The Irish newspaper “Sunday Business Post” highlights the very attractive offer of the Moroccan economy –

“Morocco’s strategic geographic location, political stability, security, good governance, modern infrastructure, direct air links to Dublin and the new Irish embassy in Rabat make Morocco’s business offer very attractive »writes the publication, which devotes an entire file to the destination Morocco.

Noting that the Kingdom is ”a thriving commercial and industrial hub, whose strategic geographic location makes it the gateway to Africa and a strategic link between two continents”the paper says the Kingdom is endowed with “advanced infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce”.

“With a resilient economy and continued political stability, the country enjoys a favorable business environment”supports the Sunday Business Post.

“Morocco has a long-standing and strong relationship with Ireland and to cement this friendship and continue to build a mutually rewarding diplomatic and economic future, the Irish Embassy in Morocco was inaugurated last October in the capital Rabat. †he added.

In addition, continues the weekly, Morocco stands out in particular for the sustainability of its offer to companies with low-carbon production, noting that Morocco “Clearly a step forward in the field.”

In terms of renewable energy, the paper explains that the country is in the top five of the Climate Change Performance Index for 2022 and aims to get 52% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. Through an ambitious vision, it will position as one of the most competitive low-carbon industries in the world.

He added that over the past two decades, HM King Mohammed VI has ensured the implementation of many major projects, from renewable energy to education, including culture and sport, with a resolutely forward-looking vision and ‘impressive’ long-term goals.

“The Sovereign has helped shape the future of the country. A number of groundbreaking decisions have been made, including an ambitious energy transition plan to make Morocco one of the lowest-carbon platforms in the world, the development of world-class industrial zones and a series of government incentives for investors.writes the weekly.

But that’s not all, he noted, as Morocco now has the ambition to consolidate and accelerate its development thanks to a solid long-term vision embodied in its new development model, a Roadmap for Morocco by 2035, based on an innovative joint development process that collects and brings together citizens’ contributions and ideas.

In terms of infrastructure, the publication cites the Tangier Med port, with its 184 connections to 71 countries, the very first high-speed rail line in Africa and the highway network connecting the main Moroccan cities and connecting to the continent’s road network. , from Tangier to Cape Town, recalling that by air, Casablanca airport is a hub directly connected to more than 20 major African airports.

In addition, the paper points out that Morocco can pride itself on a highly skilled workforce, with about 152,000 graduates a year, and privileged access to more than a billion consumers, thanks to its free trade agreements, making it the “gateway to Africa”. both geographically and economically.

“All these elements have made Morocco a major player, both on the African continent and on the world stage”supports the weekly.

Quoted by the publication, Moroccan Ambassador to Dublin, Lahcen Mahraoui, assured that: “There has never been a better time for Irish investors to take advantage of excellent opportunities and easy access to investment in Africa, in a politically and economically stable country with a forward-looking and sustainable vision.”

Mr Mahraoui called on Irish businessmen to explore the economic opportunities the Kingdom offers, stressing that “‘Irish investors would make the right choice to board this business caravan traveling to an emerging business oasis’

According to the Sunday Business Post, the latest figures show Irish exports to Morocco increased by 31% in 2019, “making the country one of the main trading partners for Irish innovation and trade”.

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