Saga Raises $3.6M to Build Metaverse Middleware

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Saga raised $3.6 million to create the metaverse middleware, the universe of virtual worlds all connected together, as in novels like Snowfall and borrow player one

Saga is a decentralized gaming community focused on expanding and enriching the metaverse by creating on-chain independent marketplace tools, championing emerging projects, and unleashing the power of game owners, builders, and players across the globe. world. It can do this with cross-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which authenticate unique digital items using the blockchain.

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Saga’s priority is to work with regulatory compliant triple-A projects, supported by professionals with deep roots in the game. By safeguarding property and resources traditionally reserved for the wealthy, Saga said it can empower players and provide control over a significant portion of the games to the players who enjoy them the most.

Saga plans to form a series of game-specific councils that will be recruited through the Soulbound system – a meritocracy that rewards real players. You can’t just sign up for a board, nor do you have to beg for a place in a Discord chat.

You earn your place in Soulbound by playing the games you already love. Joining and securing a role on a board will bring benefits and responsibilities in equal measure.

Saga believes that over time, this player-centric approach will attract the best minds in gaming who want to see blockchain gaming grow and prosper around the world. Based on Soulbound, SAGA will create layered integrations and smart contract tools to aid this next evolution of gaming and social connection.

Animoca Brands led the round with participation from Delta Blockchain Fund, Genblock Capital, Moonchain Capital, Compute Ventures, NGC Ventures, Highstreet Ventures, M31 Capital, TsingTing Capital, Metal VC, PANONY, Rainmaker Games, Everest Ventures Group, vEmpire, SL2 Capital, and AAG Ventures.

“Saga shares our vision for an open metaverse, and we look forward to working with their team as they develop solutions to unlock the potential of blockchain gaming at scale,” said Yat Siu, executive chairman of Animoca Brands. . , in a press release. “We are strongly encouraged by Saga’s partnerships with upcoming triple-A titles, tools and commitment to regulatory-compliant ecosystems, and believe the Soulbound middleware approach will be able to help games blockchain in developing a base of committed players.”

The Saga Ecosystem

Animoca Brands is a global leader in gamification and blockchain with a broad portfolio of more than 340 investments in decentralized web3 projects that help build the open metaverse. SAGA joins Animoca Brands’ web3 investment portfolio, which includes innovators such as Axie Infinity, OpenSea, Dapper Labs (NBA Top Shot), Yield Guild Games (YGG), Splinterlands, Star Atlas and others. Animoca Brands also owns top blockchain games such as The Sandbox and Phantom Galaxies.

The new funding will be used to develop Saga’s first major contribution to blockchain gaming: Soulbound – a player profile system designed to reward players for their passion and engagement in the metaverse.

To drive the adoption of blockchain gaming, Saga believes that Web3 games should be fun, widely accessible, and valued as entertainment first, and monetization second. To accompany and reinforce this dynamic, the actors of average daily life must also acquire a sense of appropriation.

Enter the Non-transferable Social Token (NTST) – a new token that cannot be sold or transferred. There can only be won. Soulbound will integrate NTST M-XP (Metaverse Experience Points) into a new tokenized proof-of-play system that will track your unique achievements and reputation in the metaverse, building your saga.

Soulbound serves players, guilds and games so that a healthy metaverse ecosystem can thrive for years to come, the company said.

By using the Soulbound player profile, individual players and communities can access exclusive opportunities in the metaverse; Guilds will be able to enrich their recruiting and recruiting processes, and games will be able to expand their player base to include real players.

As players complete quests and missions in the various games that Soulbound supports, they are rewarded with NFTs, experience points, achievements and badges. Essentially, they create their fingerprint through the Web3 gaming ecosystem. What’s nice is that any third party can link an NFT or their own currency as a reward for a quest in Soulbound.

“We are very excited about the future of gamefi as we release features to integrate NTST into ecosystems and create a true indie profile for metaverse gamers,” said Casey Grooms, Business Development Manager at Saga, in a press release. Becoming the only destination for players and guilds to show off their gameplay assets, such as NFTs and in-game milestones, be rewarded for play and achievements, and complete missions and launch partner and supported games. Charge. Soulbound helps connect all players, guilds and games.

The Soulbound player profile offers more than customizable rewards and opportunities – it offers an on-chain status that cannot be counterfeited or bought. We are currently working on several high-profile projects to integrate our search platform as an education and reputation system to reflect the expertise an individual brings to the games they play across multiple ecosystems.

Web2 massively multiplayer online (MMO) and online games players have invested billions of hours and dollars in walled gardens that will never reward them for the value they provide. Saga wants to change that.

First properties of Saga

When it comes to on-chain games, Saga thinks it has a bright future with triple-A games. The company is working with game developers who will use the middleware.

AI Mansbridge, chief of strategic operations and co-founder of Saga, said in a statement: “Saga features some of the most elite planets, asteroids and digital Earths in the most promising second-generation blockchain games for real player communities. We are working on a system to enable top players to participate in the governance of these courts to identify best practices for onboarding and retaining passionate players in this emerging paradigm.

Ghost systems

Phantom Galaxies is an NFT game available on PC and consoles.
Phantom Galaxies is an NFT game available on PC and consoles.

An example of this are phantom galaxies. Built by a division of Animoca Brands, the game is a third-person action RPG shooter that plunges players into an interstellar duel of Mechanized Starfighters, who switch seamlessly between the classic mecha robot form and a starship. In mecha mode you unleash a barrage of bullets into space and on the ground, and even get close for wild melee attacks with certain builds – blast through the stars in starship form with tight maneuvers and attack blazing lasers.

Several members of Saga’s core team have played the Phantom Galaxies alpha since launch and have been impressed by the fun of the experience and the involvement of the player base. Saga thinks this will be a huge draw for elite guilds and players – and he plans to help them find each other.

With multiple planets – including one of a very limited number of “major” planets – and over 100 asteroids, Saga offers limited access to raids, rewards, and gifts through Soulbound.

main Street

main Street
Highstreet uses Soulbound.

Other games that use Saga are Highstreet. Saga will own and operate an exclusive island, Soulbound Sagalans, in this MMORPG, which combines NFTs and physical items.

Highstreet’s key partnerships with international brands and a dedicated community already playing in the web browser metaverse create an intriguing take on web3 gaming. By integrating Soulbound’s search system, Saga will help create virtuous cycles in the Highstreet economy and open up the space to the high-quality player base they want to attract.

Other titles include Influence and Big Time.

Saga said it builds Soulbound to be secure and robust platforms for its users and is aware that regulation will increase in this space. As part of its cautious approach, Saga is waiting for clearer advice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission and other legal authorities before entering the US market.

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