Quimper: the Maison de la Jeunesse project is still concerned at the art academy

The elected officials and the students continued the conversation after the long official meeting on Friday afternoon. ©Lenaïk Jaubert

The project to create a youth house within the Eesab, quimper, continues to cause a stir. As a memory, Quimper Western Brittany (QBO) imagine this project on a site of 4200 m2 , located on the esplanade of François-Mitterrand, made available to the art academy. 350m2 then it must be cleared to accommodate this new structure.

“Getting further together”

Facing opposition to the project (a petition has also been launched), QBO elected officials went to the management, faculty and students on Friday, June 17, 2022. After everyone had exchanged their arguments and expressed their point of view, some delegations met with the press to take stock of the situation.

“This communication was necessary because there were misunderstandings… Today we have to talk honestly with each other. I thought it was a positive meeting. We can only move forward if we trust each other, even if we disagree: you have not changed your position, we have not changed our position. But we decided to move forward together,” introduced Forough-Léa Dadkhah, vice president of QBO in charge of higher education, recalling that the community is connected to the school through an agreement worth 1.5 million euros per year.

Opposition to the project is displayed on the EESAB building.
Opposition to the project is displayed on the EESAB building. ©Lenaïk Jaubert

No plan B

Didier Leroy, Vice-President in charge of youth, took the floor to once again propose the Maison de la Jeunesse project, which would concentrate all the services dedicated to youth, or rather to young people, aged 16 to 29.

And to explain why this choice of location: “Full city center, easily accessible, with possible synergies with the media library, the Eesab… Unfortunately, it seems that the students did not understand our project. We recently discovered the fear of young people who told us: you are going to cut us off from a space that is vital to us “…”Essential, fundamental, vital…” added Virginie Barré, teacher and artist, showing his opposition to the project and his anger.

“This option is almost the only one, we don’t have a plan B, we will have to carry out our project in this place,” the elected official continued, announcing that another meeting was scheduled for September 2022.

“The dialogue has begun. We have not convinced each other, but we will find a consensus. †

Rich exchanges, but…

But when the elected officials welcomed the richness of the exchanges during the two-hour meeting early in the afternoon. However, the students and teachers present quickly reiterated their opposition to the project.

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“It was good to meet, but that didn’t convince me. The Maison de la Jeunesse project, of course, but for me it is unthinkable to install it in a place where we teach… It’s a real shock. †

Virginie Barré, teacher and visual artist

“To be honest, we are very concerned about the future quality of our education. Withdrawing from the rooms is complicated,” repeated one student. “We are determined to ensure that these 350 m2 and less do not punish teaching…”, replied Forough-Lea Dadkah.

The debate revived, with the school’s elected officials and representatives meeting in September to take stock. Elected QBO officials also invited students to join the “youth” committee, consisting of about twenty members, which is working on the establishment of this Youth House. The dialogue has started, but the consensus still seems a long way off.

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