Damage after storm and hail on the Loiret: “It didn’t last long, but it was huge”

The trailer is still there. On the sidewalk. “As soon as it happened, I put the bucket on my head to protect myself. I was with my neighbor Evelyne, we were collecting the manure from the trailer we had gone to get from Châteauneuf. I heard a loud noise. It didn’t take long, but it was huge“, says Thérèse, who lives in Orléans-La Source. She then shows this famous blue basin, broken in one corner by hail. Thérèse saved by her basin! “

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Evelyne, the neighbor, shows her bruised ankle: “This morning it’s better, but yes, I took a hailstone on the foot. And another on the sandwich!”

Thérèse, a native of Orléans-La Source, protected herself from hailstones with this basin broken at a corner by one of them. (Photo Alban Gourgousse)

As in many municipalities in the Loiret, especially south of the Loire, the sky literally fell on the heads of the inhabitants on Sunday evening. Around 8:45 PM Hit roofs, exploded car windows. From Ligny-le-Ribault to Jouy-le-Potier, via Chécy, Mardié, Saint-Denis-en-Val, Saint-Cyr-en-Val, Fay-aux-Loges, Saint-Martin-d’Abbat: a real course of storm and hail.

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Greenhouses hit hard

In addition to houses and vehicles, glass greenhouses were also affected by this hailstorm. As at Serres Bio Val (picking and direct sale of organic fruit and vegetables), in Saint-Cyr-en-Val, in the Cornay region: “Several of us have been affected. The glass does not withstand hail. And there they are everywhere,” Mylène Chenault laments. “Now we have to secure everything. This morning (Monday) we went to get helmets, anti-cutting gloves. Pickup is currently closed. Until we get everything back to normal. And it could take weeks… So we’ll have a loss of activity. Many people ask us what they can do to help us. The only thing is that the activity continues: people can come and buy vegetables that we will pick ourselves. That’s what’s going to survive us.” In the meantime, all the glass that has fallen on the plantations on the 19,000 square meters of the Bio Val greenhouses has to be removed: “It is a laborious job…”

Not far from there, in Floraland in Saint-Denis-en-Val, Christophe Giroux, the owner, regrets about 150 broken glass panels (out of 30,000 on his farm): “There’s a bit of damage, yes. Well, it’s not like 2016 when there was 90% on the ground! It’s not bad, but it’s annoying. I just had my repairman who can intervene next week. He is overwhelmed…” Especially since Floraland, which mainly sells chrysanthemum cuttings all over France, is in “a corridor”, according to Christophe Giroux, who is very happy with smooth glass to protect its greenhouses. The first is “less vulnerable “.

“Very violent and intense”

A corridor that avoided greenhouses or even cities, but that hit Jouy-le-Potier head-on: “What has been affected here is mainly roofs and cars”, explain Catherine Colas, first assistant and Jean-Benoît Pelletier, assistant for school affairs: “There was nothing about the gymnasium. We had some broken glass from a skylight in the school daycare. Many skylights, PVC roller shutter slats are broken

It was very violent and very intense” emphasizes Catherine Colas, hit by a hailstone in the hip when she closed her shutters. Jean-Benoît Pelletier took one, him, on the head and had to take a bicycle helmet to protect himself while he got into a table. “There used to be many firefighters, especially to cover the holes in the roofs, Mayor Gilles Billiot made the rounds with them at night. It cost the water in the houses…”

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Alban Gourgousse

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