The medical interim business

Doctors and nurses can double or even triple their income by choosing this type of contract. Another symptom of the malaise in hospitals.

“If I say yes, I will earn my monthly salary in three shifts”, beams a doctor anesthetist, holder of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP). Like his colleagues, he receives interim offers several times a day, by e-mail or text message: 1,800 euros net for working twenty-four hours in Épinal or 1,500 euros for a day of maternity care in Valence. But the prize goes to this fantastic announcement from the Bourges Hospital: “negotiable rates” for this summer! The same goes for a center of Ille-et-Vilaine. With the AP-HP, the anesthesia care is paid between 320 and 470 euros gross, depending on the grade.

The public hospital is suffering and the serious lack of staff is just a symptom of the current crisis. Nevertheless, in a Coué Method issue, last Thursday at the 2022 Emergencies Congress, Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon ruled that the carrots were not cooked: “I will not accept political instrumentalization or that we make the French believe that the system is collapsing everywhere. Talking about the harsh reality would be tantamount to discouraging future recruits!
Temporary work is increasing, even though the situation, especially that of incumbent nurses, started to deteriorate seriously in 2016.

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On this date, the general management of the AP-HP instituted a reorganization of working hours, thus signing the beginning of a wave of departures. “We used to work day, afternoon or night,” explains a nurse. Since this reform, we have had to change the nursing wards every two weeks and people have left. How to organize with children? Look for a nanny who picks up your kids every two weeks at 5am or 10pm! So, when Martin Hirsch, the boss of the AP-HP, described as “mercenaries” the followers of “this soft drug of the interim”, the holders, like the temporary workers, saw red and regretted this “spit in the figure ” .

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A rookie temp at the end of my career earns as much, if not more, than I do

A nurse explains: “Many of my nurse anesthetist friends are temporary workers during their rest time, which is prohibited. And some even in their own hospital! There is a tacit agreement to tolerate these situations because we have no weapons. “A 26-year-old temporary worker gets 26 euros gross per hour to work in hospitals in the Paris region, or 3,600 euros gross for a month… 1,400 euros more than her same-age boyfriend, holder. The latter holds no grudges: “She wins what we should all win! A nurse with thirty years of seniority confides: “A temporary novice at the end of the career learns as much, if not more, than I do. If, for the minister, the system does not collapse, how to qualify these situations?

An anesthesiologist tells the story of a colleague, a hospital doctor: “Instead of hiring strangers, we prefer to ask someone from the service to join, paid as a temporary worker. This is common with the AP-HP. Thanks to this “internal interim”, the colleague in question receives 15,000 euros gross per month (instead of 9,000).

What comes after this ad

What comes after this ad

Anaïs is a nurse, she is 30 years old and started her career in public hospital, with a period at Necker: “They welcome us as soon as we leave school and tell us that we are not entitled to vacation for two years, and nobody is shocked. To justify an RTT, the manager asked me the reason for my absence and I had to say that I had an appointment with a gynecologist. I resigned to work as a temp. I used to earn 1,800 euros net for 150 hours, today, in the meantime for 140 hours, I earn 2,970 euros net. »

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Even though the salaries are higher, this is not the main attraction for temps. The real plus? Flexibility. “We made this choice so as not to be harassed by executives who constantly ask us to help by playing the sensitive chord. If we’re employed by five instead of ten, is it my fault? being carried away by a nurse. Another concludes: “To reduce the use of agency workers it would be necessary to retain incumbents rather than mistreat them. †

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