The oldest watch boutique in the world launches its NFT collection

Beyer Chronometry is the oldest Swiss watch sales company and has announced that it has launched its first collection of NFT watches.

NFTs between tradition and innovation

After 262 years, the family business Beyer Chronometry is entering a new field of innovation. In collaboration with FTSY8 Fictional Studio, a brand of the digital creative agency SiR MaRY, the famous Zurich watch boutique is launching a unique NFT collection, unparalleled in the world.

This strategy has paid off. The first 100 NFT watches were sold out after just seven minutes, the next public delivery will take place on June 29, 2022. In addition, the virtual pioneer of Swiss watchmaking visited the World Economic Forum in Davos. The project was presented by Beyer Chronometry and FTSY8 at the Maison de la Suisse.

Beyer Chronometry asked four designers from different fields to create a series of new virtual watches: Simon Husslein, designer and professor of interior architecture at HEAD in Geneva; Niklaus Hodel (aka “The Shoe Guy”), luxury footwear specialist; Ricardo Diaz, 3D artist who is also responsible for transcribing the virtual drawings in this company; and Florian Beck, digital specialist and man behind the project.

Just because we invented watchmaking doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. For 262 years we have been looking for ways to combine tradition and vision. With the NFT watch collection we have again succeeded beautifully“, says René Beyer, CEO and owner of Beyer Chronometry.

Another example that luxury watches and digital innovation can be cheap, it’s in the same perspective that Tag Heuer launched a smartwatch feature that allows you to display your NFTs.

In a different style, Hublot had launched its crypto watch for wealthy hodlers.

NFT Beyer
source: Beyer

The design of watches

It is not enough to create a collection of NFT watches, they must also appeal to discerning investors, who are usually accustomed to the technological jewels of major Swiss watch brands such as Rolex.

For this project we work at the intersection of watchmaking, technology, gaming, streetwear and fashion“explains Philippe Meyer. † There will be a very wide choice of NFT models with multiple variations that can be purchased on a dedicated platform† Rather than expanding its physical footprint, after eight generations of operations, the retailer has finally found limitless new virtual territory to explore.

This is indeed the beauty of web 3.0, without any restrictions and where anything is possible, everyone is free to contribute to create and improve this hyper-connected digital world.

In an interview on Beyer’s website, Hodel answers a question about our digital future: ” The trend towards more online presence in the form of meetings, shopping, gaming or social media will make users think about how they want to present themselves digitally or in the metaverse. How do I dress my avatar for a digital interview? How do I present myself when I walk through my VR glasses with friends in a virtual New York in the year 2357?

Beyer Chronometry is an example for many more traditional companies that refuse to see the expansion of web 3.0 and the place of digital in our world. It is essential that giants like Beyer continue to innovate to maintain their appeal.

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